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Israel Demands That The USA Send Its Army To Attack And Invade Syria On Their Behalf

The Jerusalem Post recently called Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad, who protected the Christians of Syria, the “angel of death” and wants the US to invade Syria for Israel: The US must attack the Assad regime in Syria in response to the alleged chemical-weapons attack in Douma, which killed dozens of people, Strategic Affairs and Public […]

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Egypt Sentences Thirty-Six Muslims To Death For Bombing Three Churches For ISIS

Egyptian courts sentenced thirty-six Muslims to death for bombing three churches for ISIS according to a report: Thirty-six militants accused of being part of Islamic State cells in Egypt have received preliminary death sentences for their alleged involvement in the bombing of three churches. A military court has referred the cases of 36 defendants to […]

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Old Muslim Woman Dedicates Her Life To Taking Care Of A Church

Often times one hears of the many attacks made by Muslims against Churches. However, in a case in Turkey, a Muslim woman has dedicated her life to caring for an old church: An 80-year-old mother of eight, Çaçur refuses to hand over the daily cleaning and maintenance of Surp Kevork church, which dates back to […]

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Major Homosexual Publication Declares That 2018 Is An ‘Excellent Year’ With A “Glorious Sexual Future” Because More Homosexuals Are Licking And Eating The Feces Of Other Homosexuals Than Ever Before

Pink News from the UK reports that 2018 is an ‘excellent year’ with a “glorious sexual future” because more homosexuals than ever before are partaking in a practice called “rimming,” – as in the rim of a toilet bowl- which is where a homosexual thrusts his tongue into the rectum of another homosexual to stimulate […]

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Christians Across Trinidad And Tobago March In Support Of Laws Against Homosexuality, Say ‘We Do Not Want The Wrath Of God Visited Upon Us’

Christians across Trinidad and Tobago marched in support of laws against homosexuality in light of discussion over legalizing homosexual behavior. They declared that they did this because they said that homosexuality was unacceptable in the eyes of God and they did not want His wrath visited upon them: “WE do not want the buggery laws […]

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Japanese Church Opens Museum Honoring History Of Catholicism And The Persecution Of Catholics In Japan

The Catholic Faith has always has a difficult time taking root in Japan. However, Catholics have lived in Japan for centuries in spite of severe persecution from the pagan majority, and a recent museum was opened in Japan honoring the history of Catholicism in Japan from its arrival in the 16th century until now:’ A […]

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