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Turkish Tyrant Erdogan Rejoices At News Of Syria Attack As He Prepares Turkey For A Return To Her Ottoman Ways

The disastrous mess that is Syria just got worse after a coalition of US, UK, and French forces at the insistence and support of Israel attacked Syria, threatening prospects for a potential war with Russia. In response to the entire controversy, Syria’s Turkish neighbor has given her support to the joint US/UK/French/Israeli action, saying that […]

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Man Throws Bottle At Homosexual Gang, Runs For His Life To Police Station, Says The Gang Threatened To Rape Him

In the book of Genesis, a mob of Sodomites wanted to rape the two men who visited Lot before God condemned the city to destruction by fire from Heaven. In an example showing that times may change but people do not, a Jamaican man threw a bottle at a homosexual gang and then ran for […]

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Muslim Mafia Illegally Seizes Christian Cemetery And Sells It To Construction Company

A Muslim mafia in Pakistan has illegally seized control over a Christian cemetery and sold it to a construction company: A group of more than 100 Christians protest against the occupation of a cemetery belonging to the local Church. At the cry of “Down with the government of Punjab” and “Down with the invasion of […]

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Muslim Cleric Asks 14-Year-Old Girl To Help Him Clean His Room At The Mosque, She Agrees And The Imam And Another Man Take Turns Raping Her

A Muslim Imam asked a 14-year-old girl to help him clean his room at the mosque. She agreed, and when she went there he and another Muslim man grabbed and took turns raping her: In a shocking incident, a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped inside a mosque by a cleric and shopkeeper on Wednesday. A […]

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