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Homosexual Man With HIV Intentionally Lied To Other Men To Infect Them With The Disease Because He Wanted To Hurt Them For Fun

As has extensively documented, homosexuals are disproportionately violent and engage in acts of violence against other and each other. This is due to the nature of the act as a form of advanced and grave sin. In the UK, a man was jailed for life after he intentionally lied to other homosexuals in order […]

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Hindu Terrorists Attack Christians At Church And Burn The Church, Pastor Has To Flee For His Life From The Mob

A mob of Hindu terrorists attacked Christians at a church in India. They beat the worshippers, burned the pastor’s home down, and the pastor had to flee for his life from the mob: A Christian pastor was forced to flee for his life to a nearby forest in the village of Kondri, Madhya Pradesh state […]

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PA State Lawmaker Tells Homosexual Colleague ‘Homosexuality Is A Sin- You Are A Lying Homosexual’

A lawmaker from PA told a fellow colleague, who is an admitted homosexual and promoter of homosexuality, that homosexuality is wrong and that he is a ‘lying homosexual: A Republican state lawmaker in Pennsylvania is calling a colleague a “lying homosexual” in a Facebook post attacking liberal legislators. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe also is defending his […]

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Clare Bronfmann, Jewish funder for major cult leader

Jewish Woman Caught Giving $65 Million To Major Sex Cult That Branded Women With The Initials Of Cult Leader And Forced Them To Have Sex With Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Jewish woman gave $65 million to a major sex cult that branded the women with the initials of the sex leader. They also forced the women to have sex with the cult leader. According to Forward, an American magazine published monthly in New York City for a Jewish-American audience: “Smallville” actress Allison Mack was […]

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