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Major Kenyan Government Officer Declares ‘I Will Lose My Job Before I Submit To The LGBT- Homosexuality Destroys Men And It Will Destroy The Country’

The Kenya Films and Classification Board boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has been attacked by the homosexuals for banning pro-homosexual films from Kenya. Amid intense pressure he has not caved, but has reinforced his position saying that he will lose his job before submitting to the agenda of the LGBT because the future of Kenya’s people […]

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Report Says Saudi Arabian Government Makes Deal With The Vatican And Allows For CHURCHES To Be Constructed In The Kingdom

After years of banning Churches and harassing Christians, a report says that the Saudi Government just made an agreement with the Vatican to allow for Catholic Churches to LEGALLY exist in the Kingdom: Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with the Vatican to build churches for Christian citizens, according to Egyptian news media reports. Online […]

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Major Liberal Media Outlet Now Promotes Book For Women Engaging In Sex With Fish

In June 2017, published an article saying that bestiality is normal and people should try it. Now, the liberal Huffington Post is promoting women having sex with fish. According to a new book they have high reviews for, “The Pisces” it is about a lascivious woman who is tired of men and wants attention […]

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Cross-Dressing Sodomites Beat Up And Kidnap Teenage Boy, Take Him To An Old House, Put A Gun To His Head And Rape Him

A homosexual and his partner dressed up like women, kidnapped a 14-year-old boy, and then proceeded to sexually assault him while threatening to shoot him with a gun and stab him with a knife: A 14-year-old boy told police officers that “two males dressed as females” were driving around his neighborhood and had tried to […]

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HIV-Infected Man Gets Charges Of Spreading Disease Dropped Because His ‘Viral Load’ Is “Undetectable”- This Is Why There Is Going To Be Another HIV Crisis And How God Will Punish The Fornicators

In an interesting case coming out of Canada, Brian Carlisle, a man with HIV who had sex with 12 women without disclosing his HIV status, was sued for not informing his “partners” of his status. This is common because, in spite of how many homosexuals are trying to get such laws repealed, having sex with […]

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