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ISRAEL IS UNDER ATTACK As Iranian Forces Launch Rockets Into Israel

By Theodore Shoebat Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Israeli is under attack, with Iranian forces launching rockets into Israel. This happened a day after Israel fired rockets into Syria.  As we read in a report from the Washington Post: Confrontation between Israel and Iranian forces in Syria sharply escalated in the early hours of […]

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World Scientists Are In Shock As Extremely Rare Disease As Deadly As HIV Is Mass Infecting Homosexuals

It’s being called the “cousin” of the HIV virus, and the LGBT are panicking because it’s infecting countless homosexuals in a new plague against them with no cure in site. Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type 1, called HTLV-1, is spreading rapidly and poses a threat that is potentially as serious as the HIV and AIDS […]

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Former Mossad Official Warns That Now That Trump Has Pulled Out Of The Iran Deal, Iran Will Become More Unhinged In Its Nuclear Goals

By Theodore Shoebat A former Mossad official is warning that now that Trump has pulled out of the Iran deal, that Iran will become more unhinged in its nuclear efforts. As we read in a report from the Jerusalem Post: Jerusalem and Tehran will eventually need to cut a deal regarding the current Syria conflict as “there […]

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Saudi Arabia Backs Trump’s Decision To Pull Out Of The Iran Deal

By Theodore Shoebat Saudi Arabia is backing up Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran deal. As we read in one report from MEMRI: The Saudi government daily Al-Riyadh’s May 9, 2018 editorial, titled “Washington Has Had Its Say,” stated: “The announcement by the American president Donald Trump of his country’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal […]

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Angela Merkel Declares: ‘We Must Rebuild Germany’s Military.’

By Theodore Shoebat Angela Merkel has just declared that the German military must be rebuilt. This is happening in light of her other recent statements in which she said: “We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.” This is all about reviving the German reich. As we read in a report from […]

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What We Already Knew- Military Says That Homosexuals Commit Suicide At “Much Higher” Rate

Homosexuals are known for violence against others and themselves. It’s something documented by many people, and has proudly pointed out his connection that many want to deny. According to a recent statement, confirming that which is already known, US military members who are homosexuals have a “much higher” suicide rate: In addition to tackling […]

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German Government Declares That It Is Going To Rebuild Its Entire Military

By Theodore Shoebat The German government recently declared that it is going to rebuild its entire military. The reich is coming back. As we read in a report from DW: German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen plans a fundamental reorganization of the Bundeswehr, a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper says. A policy paper […]

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Major Israeli Government Official Boasts That Assad’s Blood Will Be Spilt

By Theodore Shoebat So Israel is in the conspiracy to further destabilize Syria and to increase the intensity towards the prospects of major war, and it is using Iran as the excuse. As we read in a report from the Jerusalem Post: On April 9, an air strike killed seven Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps members […]

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Cuckhold Conservatives Say That Americans Need To “Compromise” On Men Who Wear Dresses And Cut Their Genitals Off

The famous “conservative” magazine National Review recently published an article saying that conservatives need to “compromise” on “transgenders” in order to “preserve social order”: I doubt that many Americans would disagree that the country’s conversation about gay rights is far more mature and considered than it was two decades ago. Today, there exists broad understanding […]

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Texas Town Elects Cross-Dressing Homosexual Soldier For Their Mayor- America is Done

The small Texas town of Del Rio has just elected a cross-dressing homosexual soldier for mayor: The old saying “everything is big in Texas,” now applies to inclusion ― at least in one border town. On Saturday, 62 percent of voters in Del Rio ― located about 110 miles west of San Antonio ― elected […]

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