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American Woman Stalks Man She Went On One Date With, Sends Him 65 THOUSAND Texts, Tells Him She Wants To ‘Bathe In His Blood’, He Finds Her In His House Taking A Bath With A Butcher’s Knife In The Car

In a dating horror story from Arizona, a woman who went on a single date with a man has been arrested for stalking. According to police, she sent the man over 65 thousand texts, including she told him that she wanted to ‘bathe in his blood.’ One day, he found that she had broken into […]

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Turkey Vows To Continue Trade With Iran

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey has vowed that it will continue trade with Iran. It looks like these two will be allies when the next world war erupts. As we read in one report from RT: Ankara and Tehran will continue their economic relations despite the US leaving the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, according to […]

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Trump And John Bolton Are Now Calling For Regime Change In Iran

By Theodore Shoebat Trump and John Bolton are now calling for regime change in Iran. Looking at America’s record of regime change policies in the Middle East, the results of these plans look pretty bleak. As we read in a report from RT: Those who believe that pulling out of the nuclear deal is a […]

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Protestant Pastor Drowns Woman While Giving Her Baptism, Says He Did It Because He Thought She Was A Vampire

A Protestant Pastor was baptizing a woman in his congregation, but while baptizing her he thought she may be a vampire. The pastor responded not by praying for her, but after submerging her, holding her under water until she drowned: A pastor, Masimba Chirayi of the New Johanne Masowe, Zimbabwe, has reportedly killed a church member he […]

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Bashar al-Assad: ‘Trump Is Not Even In Power Over The United States.’

By Theodore Shoebat As has been said numerous times on this website, parties change, policy does not. Assad just recently made a true statement: Trump is not even in power over the United States. As we read in a report from RT: Meeting with Donald Trump would be pointless because the deep state – not […]

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