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Kurz Erdogan

Erdogan Gets End-Of-Ramadan Gift As The Protests In Jordan, Mosque Closures In Austria, And Successful Invasion Of Iraq With Major Economic Growth Give The Would-Be Sultan An Impeccable Opportunity To Flex His Muscles

As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan comes to an end, Erdogan has received one of the best presents a would-be Ottoman sultan aspirant could, which is a series of political and social crises that give him the opportunity to “flex” his muscles in the region. For the last five centuries, Turkey has been the […]

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Trump Just Had His Peace Summit With Kim Jong-un, The Masses Think That There Is Going To Be Peace In East Asia. But Everyone Is Ignoring The Rise Of Militarist Japan

By Theodore Shoebat Trump just had his peace summit in Singapore, and the masses think that this is going to lead to a major peace in east Asia. But the elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring is Japan, the most powerful country in east Asia. The Japanese government, in conjunction with Mitsubishi Heavy […]

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Gunmen Shoot Catholic Priest In The Head While Preparing To Say Mass, Dies Next To The Altar

A Catholic Priest in the Philippines, Fr. Richmond Nilo, was preparing to say mass when two unidentified gunmen shot him seven times and in the head through the window of his church, where he died next to the altar: Christians across the Philippines are outraged after the latest murder of a Roman Catholic priest in […]

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Kim Jong-un Agrees To “Complete Denuclearization” In Historic Meeting With Donald Trump

By Theodore Shoebat Kim Jong-un is said to have agreed to a joint effort on “complete denuclearization” in an historic meeting with Donald Trump. According to Der Standard: US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have signed a document at their historic summit in Singapore, in which both sides agree on joint […]

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