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Indian Christians Suffer Fifteen Attacks In Fourteen Days From Hindu Terrorists

On average, a Christian is attacked by a Hindu nationalist every 40 hours out of sheer rage against the Faith. That number in getting smaller as more attacks are happening, such as recently where 15 Christians were attacked in 14 days: International Christian Concern (ICC) has documented at least 15 separate anti-Christian incidents across India […]

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Destroyed Church

Faith Is On The Decline In The West Because People Just Do Not Believe Any More

In this video, I talk about the decline of Christianity in the West using a study from the UK, and discuss a few of the reasons why this is happening: CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND HELP SPREAD OUR CHRISTIAN MESSAGE IT IS BEST TO REACH US BY EITHER GOING DIRECTLY TO SHOEBAT.ORG OR THROUGH OUR […]

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merkel and air force

Germany Will Be Creating An Extremely Efficient Jet Fighter To Compete Against The British Air Force, As Merkel Declares That Germany Must Be Independent Of American Power

By Theodore Shoebat “We are entering a dangerous new era in warfare” — these words were just recently made by Gavin Williamson, a British MEP, in the Farnborough Airshow, when he presented the newest projected jet fighter for the British Royal Air Force. Such a statement does seem fitting as Germany and France are currently working […]

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hrstn pryng nd

Christian Villagers Charged With “Forced Conversions” By Hindu Nationalists Released

Throughout India, Hindu nationalists have been using anti-conversion laws to charge Christians with “forced conversion” to have them imprisoned. In a recent case, two Christians accused of such charges have been released: About 20 villagers questioning Christians gathered for worship in a home in Odisha state, India were animists who worshipped objects in nature and […]

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Is Ben Shapiro Going To Be The Third Major Conservative Figure Caught Attempting To Justify Or Cover For Pedophiles?

Ben Shapiro right now is embroiled in a scandal over James Gunn, an actor who was fired for making statements in support of child sexual abuse, by coming to his defense on social media: Newly-ousted “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn has at least one defender, and it came from the most unlikely place: […]

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Be Prepared, Because The Greatest Material Threat To The USA Is Not From Without, But Within

Years ago, the Jamestown Institute came out with a program entitled “Russia In Decline,” which argued that Russia has the potential to fragment into a series of nations based on internal structural problems that are well-established, unlikely to change without significant efforts, and threaten the existence of the society itself. From a foreign policy viewpoint, […]

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