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Catholic Church In Germany Organizes Homoerotic Dance Inside Of The Parish. One Priest Makes A Sermon And Declares That We Must Have “A Sensual love for Jesus.”

By Theodore Shoebat I wish this was fake, but it isn’t. A sodomite dance was done in a church, organized by clergy, with one priest, Fr. Thomas Steiger of Tübingen, preaching on the “eroticism of the faith,” speaking of “a sensual love for Jesus.” I did a video on this: According to one report from […]

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Man Beats His Girlfriend To Death With A Bottle, Pours Her Blood Into A Glass And Drinks It, Then Cuts Her Brain Out, Cooks It And Eats It, Then Dismembers Her Body Piece-By-Piece With A Meat Cleaver Before Feeding Her Ears To Her Cat

After reading about murderers, a man decided to try to become one himself. He beat his girlfriend to death with a bottle, poured her blood into a glass and drank it, then cut out her brain and ate parts of it before dismembering her corpse and feeding one of her ears to her cat: A […]

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Atheist Chinese Government Rounds Up One Million Muslims And Places Them Into Internment Camps

According to recent reports, the atheist Chinese government has rounded up and detained over one million Muslims predominately of Uighur (Hui) extraction and has placed them into internment camps for arbitrary reasons: Over one million Uighur Muslims are being held in Chinese concentration camps for arbitrary reasons as the international community largely remains silent about […]

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Former Press Secretary For The Bush Demonstration Declares That America Needs To Destabilize Iran And Bring Regime Change

By Theodore Shoebat The former press secretary for the Bush administration, Ari Fleischer, has recently called for a policy of destabilization to be made in Iran, and has also called for regime change in the region. According to one report from RT: Ari Fleischer, who promoted the Iraq War while serving as press secretary under […]

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The Military Of Israel Fires Two Missiles At Syrian Warplane

By Theodore Shoebat The military of Israel recently fired two missiles at a Syrian warplane, as we read in one report from RT: Israel has fired interceptor missiles at a Syrian Sukhoi warplane, the IDF said in a statement, adding that the aircraft had penetrated Israeli-controlled airspace. “Two Patriot missiles were launched at a Sukhoi […]

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Study Shows That A Majority Of Germans Believe That Germany Does Not Need America’s Military For Protection

By Theodore Shoebat A recent study by Forsa has found that a majority of Germans believe that Germany does need America’s military for protection. According to a report from Reuters: More than half of Germans think Europe can defend itself without military backing from the United States, a poll showed on Monday, less than two […]

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