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The damage to the North Aisle stained glass windows at St Peter’s

A Gang Of 12 Year Olds In Britain Attack Christian Church And Smash Its Windows

By Theodore Shoebat A gang of 12 year olds in Britain have attacked a Christian church, smashing its windows and committing vandalism. As we read in one report Altrincham Today: A gang of boys aged around 12 are thought to be responsible for a spate of incidents at St Peter’s Church in Hale which has damaged […]

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Funeral Homes In Scotland Are Covering Or Removing Crosses Because Some People Find Them ‘Offensive’

Christianity in the UK is in terminal decline. While there have been reports of minor increases in Christian practice, as reported, this appears merely to be a part of the “dead cat bounce” phenomenon, where there are small increases in a systemic decline while not stopping the decline. Another indication of this came in […]

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violence burning nigeria 01

Righteous Muslim Man Saves Three Hundred Christians From Slaughter At The Hands Of Muslim Terrorists

Islam is a religion whose violence and disorder stems from its theology. However, as man is made in the image and likeness of God, there are still Muslim people who do choose to follow what is right because it is right. Such was the case in Nigeria with Alhaji Abdullahi Abubakar, and elderly Muslim man […]

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Nepal protest 01

Hindu Terrorists Attack Pastor, Beat Him Up And Say “We Will Blast All Your Churches And Shoot All Your Leaders”

Hindu terrorism has been spreading throughout the subcontinent and into majority Hindu areas. In one such case in Nepal, a Christian pastor was attacked by Hindu terrorists, who after beating him up told him that “We will blast all your churches and shoot all your leaders”: A Christian pastor in Nepal who was beaten by […]

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African National Congress Officially Announces They Will Change The Constitution To Take Land From White Farmers With No Compensation

The South African government has said that it planned to confiscate lands from farmers based on race and “redistribute” them. This has just been confirmed, and the government says that it is officially going to change the constitution in order to do this: The ANC has decided to change the Constitution to expropriate land without […]

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