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Major Buddhist Monk Under Investigation By Chinese Authorities For Sexual Assault Charges

In discussions of religion involving criticism of Christians, there is a pattern of those making the criticism to use Buddhists to “compare” Christians to, suggesting that due to the religion’s teachings, the Buddhist is generally a “better person.” This is in spite of the fact that Buddhism is highly violent and has much in common […]

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Jerusalem Holds Its Largest LGBT Pride Parade Yet In Its History

Jerusalem just celebrated her largest gay pride parade ever, with more than 20,000 people participating in the event: Jerusalem’s largest-ever gay pride parade kicked off Thursday afternoon with some 20,000 Israelis flooding the streets of the capital, under heavy police protection. Some reports put the number of marchers as high as 30,000; Hadashot TV news, […]

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British Court Recognizes Sharia Law

By Theodore Shoebat  A British court has recognized sharia law in an Islamic divorce case. As we read in one report from RT: A British court recognized Sharia law for the first time after a judge made a landmark ruling on a divorce case, which could have far reaching effects on Islamic marriage in the […]

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DC Circuit Court Rules That Catholic Church Cannot Put Up Christmas Message Because It Is “Religious”

The DC Circuit Court ruled that an ad showing the Nativity for Christmas sponsored by the Catholic Church violated a ban on “separation of church and state”: A three judge panel of the District of Columbia Circuit Court has upheld the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s rejection of a Christmas ad by the Catholic Church. […]

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soldatos mexicanos narcocarteles

Watch The Video As Narcoterrorists Are Vanquished In Shootout With Mexican Soldiers

The drug war in Mexico is a complex situation, a story of overlapping interests, betrayal, and geopolitics in a modern day wild west type scenario, with the Mexican people stuck in the middle. The violence of the narco cartels is heinous, making Mexico into one of the most dangerous places in the world and reflecting […]

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Dennis Prager Is A Member Of The Synagogue Of Satan, He Backs Sodom And Declares That He Will “Honor” The Process Of Men Cutting Off Their Genitals

By Theodore Shoebat Thats right. Prager is a member of the Synagogue of Satan as he backs Sodom and declares that he will “honor” the process of men getting sex changes and wearing dresses: CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND HELP SPREAD OUR CHRISTIAN MESSAGE

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