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Turkish Government Orders Construction Of Huge Islamic Religious School Right Next To Christian Seminary Forced To Shut Down By The Government

The government of Turkey has increased its anti-Christian rhetoric as President Erdogan prepares to revive Turkey as the great Ottoman protector and promulgator of Islam. One of the ways that Turkey has been making small acts of “revenge” against her neighbor, Greece, is to target the islands surrounding Turkey in her possession or Greek possession […]

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Famous Martial Arts Fighter Pushes For Genocide And Says: ‘Some people are suppose to die’ and states that a huge amount of the human population should be annihilated

By Theodore Shoebat Eugenics and Darwinism are becoming popular in common discourse and conversation. Its all a sign of a sinister spirit that is lingering about, pervading the souls of men: a desire for the destruction of mankind. In this video I use the example of Kurt Osiander, a well known martial artist who recently […]

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Report: Trump Praised Erdogan And Told Him That He “Does Things The Right Way.”

By Theodore Shoebat A recent report states that Trump, in his meeting in Helsinki, told Erdogan that he “does things the right way.” As we read in one article from CBS News: On “CBS This Morning” Monday, Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group and a CBS News senior global affairs contributor, said that backstage […]

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Disease Epidemic Of Rare And Potentially Fatal Bacteria Caused By Filth Is Afflicting The LGBT

Earlier in 2018, warned about the possibility of massive disease outbreaks coming from the LGBT community due to their participation in behaviors that are objectively dangerous, deviant, unhealthy, and conductive to the spread of disease. One of these warnings came straight from a major LGBT publication, which you can read our analysis of here, which […]

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The Russian Government Declares That It Wants To Boost The Fighting Spirit Of Russian Soldiers And Establishes New Department To Intensify Its Military Morale

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government wants to boost the fighting spirit of Russian soldiers, and so it has formed a new department focused on the intensification of morale amongst troops. It is obvious as to why Russia is doing this: war is coming, and I am not speaking of fighting pirates from Somalia, I […]

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handfuls of ashes

Cannibalism Is Rising As More And More People Ask To Eat The Remains Of Their Dead Relatives has been documenting the rise of cannibalism as a trend in the Western world. This has been confirmed by funeral directors, who are reporting that they are frequently having to address questions from people who want to consume the ashes of their dead relatives: To most, the idea of consuming a loved one blended […]

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Former Muslim Woman Turned Christian Rejected By Her Children For Her Faith In Jesus

Muslims who become Christians often suffer tremendous losses, even from their own families. Such was the case with an elderly woman from Indonesia, who was rejected by her children because of her new faith in Christ: An elderly Christian woman in Indonesia remains joyful despite her poverty and being abandoned by her Muslim children due […]

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