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Christians In Fear For Their Lives After Nation Votes To Establish Islam As The State Religion

Christians in the small African island nation of Comoros are in fear after the nation voted to make Islam the official state religion: On Monday 30 July, the “Yes” vote recorded an overwhelming victory in the referendum on constitutional reforms in the southeast African island nation of Comoros, declaring Sunni Islam the “religion of the […]

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Alex Jones Always Was Controlled Opposition, It Does Not Matter Whether Or Not He Is Banned From Social Media

In news that has shocked many people, the popular Alex Jones radio show was shut down and blocked from Facebook, Youtube, and other social media outlets: The US Constitution explicitly forbids government censorship. So Silicon Valley big-tech companies made themselves the gatekeepers of ‘goodthink,’ de-platforming anyone who runs afoul of their arbitrary ‘community standards.’ Alex […]

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German Protestant “Evangelists” Terrorize Spanish Subway Train While Preaching, Scream “We Are All Going To Die, We Will All Burn In Hell”

German Protestant Evangelists terrorized a Spanish subway train, who began preaching inside the subway with bullhorns while screaming phrases including “We are all going to die” and “We are all going to burn in hell.”: Nine evangelists from Germany were arrested Saturday in the Spanish city of Valencia after they allegedly caused panic on a […]

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Investigation finds that boys were forced to rape their own mothers, soldiers cannibalized people, in Congo Civil War

By Theodore Shoebat A UN investigation has some very horrific findings about the Congo civil war: soldiers committed cannibalism and even forced boys to rape their own mothers. According to one report from Reuters: Rebels and government troops in Congo have committed atrocities including mass rape, cannibalism and the dismemberment of civilians, according to testimony […]

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Michael Van Hise

Man In New Jersey Gets Charged After Plotting To Have His Wife, Her Sister And Her Four Children Kidnapped, Tortured And Murdered

By Theodore Shoebat A man in New Jersey has been charged for plotting to have his wife, her sister and her four children kidnapped, tortured and murdered. As we read in one report from A New Jersey car mechanic was sentenced to seven years in prison on Tuesday in a plot to kidnap, torture and […]

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Roman Catholic priest Dom Antonio holds one of the hundreds of mock foetuses that the National Bishops Council had manufactured for their campaign against abortion, during an interview with Reuters at the Nossa Senhora da Paz church in Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema neighborhood March 11, 2008. The mock foetuses will be distributed around churches in Rio and they will be carried to the altar during mass as anti-abortion videos are show on a screen.   REUTERS/Bruno Domingos (BRAZIL) - RTR1Y69S

Regions Of Russia Establish A temporary ban on abortion

By Theodore Shoebat Numerous regions of Russia have established a temporary ban on abortion. Lets hope that this ban becomes permanent and for all of the country. According to RT: Maternity homes and Health Ministry branches in several Russian regions have declared a temporary moratorium on artificial abortions as part of a nationwide campaign, a […]

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