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Saudi Arabia’s Public Fight With Canada Is Just A Pathetic Attempt To Look Tough Because Turkey Is Rising

What began as a comment on Twitter from the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister over a series of arrests in Saudi Arabia became an international incident. Saudi Arabia has publicly denounced Canada, ordered the early termination from university of Saudi students studying in Canada, the withdrawal of Saudi patents from Canada, and the dumping of all […]

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nazi and goth horsemen

The Germans Will Always Come Back

By Theodore Shoebat For so many centuries, the Germans — be they Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, Ostrogoths, Lombards, or the Germans of the 30 Years War and the Two World Wars — were on the warpath. Looking at such a long history of war, conquest and empire, one cannot help but one wonder if the Germans […]

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Police And Government Officials Drop Rose Petals From A Helicopter Onto The Ground For Hindu Nationalists On Heathen Pilgrimage, At The Same Time Order Severe Beatings And Torture Of Christians

The explosion of Hindu nationalism throughout India continues to manifest in how Christians are treated in public. In one such case, a local government and police had rose petals thrown out of a helicopter onto Hindu nationalists during a heathen pilgrimage for Shiva, but has been attacking, beating, and torturing local Christians: Whilst acts of […]

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So Many Terrorists Have Been Arrested In Indonesia There Is Not Enough Prison Space To House Them All

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, has been aggressively cracking down on terrorism. However, there has been a dramatic increase of terrorists in the nation to such an extent there are not enough prisons to house all of those arrested according to a report Indonesia does not have enough maximum security facilities to hold […]

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