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erdogan and merkel

Just As We Predicted: After Trump Snub, Erdogan Tells Merkel That Turkey And Germany Must Help Each Other

In August 2018, warned that Turkey was going to attempt to unite with Germany as she has done in the past using the “controversy” between Trump and Erdogan as an excuse. Just as we predicted, Erdogan is now reaching out to Merkel for assistance and asking to build closer German-Turkish ties: Before Turkey’s president […]

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Mob Of Thirty Hindu Terrorists Ambush And Attack Christian Pastor And His Son With Wooden Clubs, When The Report It To The Police They Threaten To Arrest Them

A Christian pastor and his son were walking home from a prayer meeting when they were ambushed by a group of thirty Hindu terrorist waiting for them. They beat the two with wooden clubs nearly to death, and when they tried to file a report with the police they were told not to or they […]

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Largest Canadian Protestant Christian School Submits To The LGBT, Says Students No Longer Must Pledge To Abstain From Fornication Or Sodomy

Trinity Western University is the largest privately funded Protestant Christian university in Canada. It has also submitted to the LGBT by eliminating a policy where students no longer have to sign a statement saying they will not fornicate or engage in sodomy: Trinity Western University, Canada’s largest privately-funded Christian university, will no longer require students […]

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suicide attack near church

Suicide Bomb Attack On Christians Thwarted Just Meters From Church

A suicide attack on a Coptic Church in Egypt was thwarted just several hundred meters from the Church building. Two people were killed and an investigation is ongoing according to a report: A suicide attack on a Coptic church in north Cairo, Egypt, was thwarted on Saturday, reports Coptic news site Watani. A man wearing […]

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Expose All The Crimes In The Church, But Revolution Or Anticlericalism Is Not And Never Will Be The Answer

The report on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania has shocked the church in the USA and around the world. This also comes at a time when a report on sexual abuse among Benedictine monasteries in the UK was released and details crimes of a similar nature. Teenagers and boys were raped, coerced […]

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