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New Evidence Shows How France Is Involved In The Plan To Destabilize Europe

By Theodore Shoebat New evidence shows that the ballot papers used in the illegal Catalonia election to secede from Spain came from France. It further shows how France is involved in the Catalonian revolt, and thus in the plan to destabilize Europe. The report comes from a journalist writing for the BBC, who states: This […]

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Russia Creates Brand New Star-Wars Type Walking Killer Robot

In the Star Wars movie series, there are a series of robots that the Empire sets against the Rebels in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Now the Russian arms company Kalashkinov, developer of the AK-47 rifle, has created a real military robot which looks similiar and performs a similar function: Russia […]

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Western Media Outlets Are Mad That The Syrian Military Is Crushing Jihadists In Idlib

By Theodore Shoebat Western media outlets have been expressing support for the rebels in Idlib in Syria as they fight the Syrian military. A report from RT states: Western media reports denouncing the Syrian Army’s offensive to retake Idlib conveniently fail to mention that the area is controlled by warring jihadist groups that were designated […]

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Germany’s Infamous “Church Tax” Will Soon Cease To Exist, And It Is Going To Be A Wonderful Thing When It Happens

In the average church, be it Catholic or Protestant, at some point before, during, or after the mass or services the church will ask for donations in order to help fund her operating costs, and many people will contribute something into the basket. However, not all churches operate in this manner. A particular exception is […]

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Christians Saved From Death At Hands Of ISIS By Jewish Donations

According to a story coming out of Iraq, Christians have been saved from ISIS by Jewish donations: Carlos Barbar will never forget the moment he was saved from execution in the “Valley of Death” near Mosul, Iraq. On August 6, 2014, ISIS took control of his village Batnaya. The neighbors managed to flee, but Carlos’ […]

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Pope Francis Declares That The Crimes Against Boys Done By Homosexual Priests “Was Long Ignored, Kept Quiet Or Silenced”

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis recently declared that the sodomite crimes against boys done by homosexual priests “was long ignored, kept quiet or silenced,” as we read in one report from the Independent: Pope Francis has condemned the “atrocities” of child sex abuse and cover-ups by the clergy in an open letter to the world’s 1.2 […]

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