Archive | August 23, 2018


Mexico Hits New Record With Over Three Thousand Murders In July Alone

At a rate of one person murdered every fifteen minutes, Mexico’s war with the narcocartels has set a new record for murders, with 3,017 deaths in July according to a report: By registering 3,117 victims in the 32 states, the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) reported. In addition, with 298 homicides […]

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British Man Kidnaps 10-Year-Old Girl And Keeps Her In His “Torture Chamber,” Dresses Up Like An Infant And Takes Photos While He Rapes Her And Shocks Her With Electricity

A British man was arrested and jailed for kidnapping a 10-year-old girl and keeping her in a ‘torture chamber’ at his house. He would dress up as an infant and then rape the girl, also giving her electric shocks and would take pictures of himself committing the abuse according to a report from the UK: […]

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Rare Flesh-Eating STD Appears In The UK For The First Time

Donovanosis is a rare STD that eats the tissue around the genitals and can cause them to fall off. For the first time now, it has found in the UK according to a report: A rare sexually transmitted disease that causes flesh-eating ulcers on patients’ genitalia has popped up in England, the Lancashire Post reported. […]

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President Trump Orders Dying Man Stripped Of His Citizenship, Sent To Europe For Being A Nazi 60+ Years Ago, Continues American Policy Of Promoting National Socialism And Protecting Nazi War Criminals

An elderly Nazi soldier was stripped of his US citizenship and at the order of President Trump deported to Germany according to a report: German authorities are unlikely to ever bring to trial a 95-year-old former second world war concentration camp guard who was deported from the US earlier this week, the country’s leading Nazi […]

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