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Germany Wants To Go Nuclear As It Strives To Become Totally Independent Of The United States And To Transform Itself As The Most Powerful Military Power In Europe. Be Prepared For The Coming Reich

By Theodore Shoebat  Germany wants to lead Europe in a pan-European military force, Japan also wants to become militarily independent. What is happening is the fragmentation of the American security umbrella. A similar situation happened after the First World War. Japan and Germany went under the gold standard as a universal monetary system. But the […]

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Grab A Bucket Of Popcorn And A Soda- Illinois Attorney General Says She Will Look Into Church Homosexual Abuse Scandal

Grab a bucket of popcorn, a soda, and sit in a comfortable chair, because the fireworks are about start as the Illinois attorney general has said that, in light of the Pennsylvania abuse accusations, she will look into the same for her state: Saying that “The Catholic Church has a moral obligation to provide its […]

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Homosexuality Is Exploding All Over The USA And Is Permanently Changing The Culture

For a while, has been writing about homosexuality and its effects on culture. Because a considerable amount of propaganda comes out of the LGBT community in the USA, she is one of the areas that has been most affected by it. Massive cultural shifts are happening to the point that even American society post-1960’s […]

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The Government Of Spain Agrees To Remove The Remains Of Francisco Franco From His Tomb

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Spain has agreed to remove the remains of Francisco Franco from his tomb. As we read in one report from El Pais: Forty-three years after the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, the Socialist Party (PSOE) government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has begun the complex process of exhuming […]

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