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Catholic Journalist Who Criticized The LGBT Prevented From Entering Into Church Headed By Major Pro-Homosexual Cardinal Who Hid Child Sexual Abuse

While there has been much rightly needed criticism of the Church on the issue of homosexual abuse, it is critical to emphasize that the problem is not because the “Church promotes homosexuality.” A simple reading of the Catholic Faith makes it absolutely clear that the Church is completely against homosexuality because of theological reasons rooted […]

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Germans Sick Of Refugees Take Life-Size Doll, Dress It Like A Refugee, And Hang The Effigy In A Noose From A Crane

There has been many tensions with the refugees in Germany, and many people are very angry. Recently, an effigy of a refugee hanging in a noose from a crane was recovered by Berlin police: On Sunday in Berlin-Neukölln the Berlin fire brigade brought down a doll disguised as a refugee from a construction crane. At […]

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Catholic Church Shuts Down Foster Care Operations In Buffalo After City Orders Charity To Give Children To Homosexuals

The Catholic Church has ordered shut down foster care services in Buffalo, NY after the city ordered that children be adopted to homosexuals against the teachings of the faith: Catholic Charities of Buffalo has begun the process to phase out current foster care and adoption services under a contract with the Erie County Department of […]

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Former Major Vatican Leader Declares That Pope Francis Knew About Horrific Homosexual Molestation And Did Nothing About It

By Theodore Shoebat A former major Vatican leader, Carlo Maria Viganò, has declared that Pope Francis knew about horrific homosexual molestation and did nothing. According to a report from the New York Times: On the final day of Pope Francis’ mission to Ireland, as he issued wrenching apologies for clerical sex abuse scandals, a former […]

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Major Nazi Paramilitary Organization Orders Its Members To Each Murder Fifty Russian Police Officers

By Theodore Shoebat A major Ukrainian nazi paramilitary organization, Right Sector, has told all of its followers to murder fifty Russian police officers. As we read in one report from RT: A criminal case against members of the Ukrainian extremist group, who called on supporters to kill 50 Russian law enforcement officers, has been launched […]

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Simon Lindberg

Anti-migrant Activist In Sweden Praises Hitler And Says That “He Was A Very Good Person For The German People”

By Theodore Shoebat An anti-migrant activist in Sweden recently praised Hitler and said that “he was a very good person for the German people.” According to a report from RT: RT’s interview with the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Swedish leader Simon Lindberg went from migrant talk to a shock endorsement of Adolf Hitler’s policies and blaming […]

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