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Chinese Communist Party Is Now Forcing Its Members To Choose Between Worship Of God Or The Communist Party

Christianity has grown throughout China to the dismay of the Communist party. As part of the current persecution and crackdown on churches and Christians, and responding to the growth of Christians in the ranks of the party, a new directive has been issued that Christians must reject Christ and worship the party, or continue to […]

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Six Thousand Christians Have Been Slaughtered In Six Months In Nigeria By Islamic Terrorists And The Numbers Are Getting Worse

The genocide of Christians has continued in Nigeria, where six thousand Christians have been murdered in six months and the numbers are continuing to rise: Christian persecution in Nigeria rises sharply this year, as 6000 Christians have been killed since January until now. For this reason the United Nations has also been urged to take […]

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Pope Benedict XVI Affirms He Told Francis That Cardinal McCarrick Was A Homosexual Pedophile And Francis Still Restored Him To Power

It has been confirmed now that Pope Benedict XVI had informed Francis that Cardinal McCarrick was a homosexual pedophile and was removed from his position for that reason, and in spite of this, Francis still restored him to his office according to a report: Pope Emeritus Benedict has confirmed the claim that he acted during […]

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Major American Court Decision Just Opened The Way To Legalize Pedophilia And The Production Of Child Pornography

There is a lot of talk about the homosexual abuse scandal in the Church taking place. But while ignoring the homosexual aspect, there is also another major court decision that just took place which has opened the way to the legalization of pedophilia and child pornography that is hardly being talked about: A federal court […]

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