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10,000 German Patriots Take To The Streets To Fight Against Islam And The Flooding Of Germany With Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat Six thousand people in Germany took to the streets to make a nationalist protest with intense sentiments against migrants, which was sparked by the murder of a German man, reportedly killed by a 22-year-old Syrian and a 21-year-old Iraqi. The numbers were huge, being definitely in the thousands, with some reports saying […]

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Drug-Abusing Sodomite Hospitalized For Organ Rupture After Shoving Fifteen Hard-Boiled Eggs Into His Rectum During A “Chemsex” Party

A homosexual man had to be hospitalized after a drug-fueled gay sex party, known as a “chemsex” party, went bad. During the course of the party, a homosexual man took fifteen hard-boiled eggs and shoved them into his rectum for personal gratification. However, the man ripped his intestines and had to be hospitalized according to […]

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Immediately After Peace Summit Concludes, Christian Priest And His Family Are Attacked And Burned Alive By Terrorists In Nigeria

Fulani herdsman in Nigeria, who are overwhelmingly Muslim, have been waging a war on the Christian peoples in Nigeria. Immediately after the conclusion of the summit, herdsmen attacked a priest and burned him and his family alive according to a report: Less than 24 hours after the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Northern region, ended […]

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Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan

The Government Of Texas Sentences Muslim Man To Death For Murdering Two Christians

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Texas just recently sentenced a Muslim man to death for murdering two Christians. As we read in one report from Christian News: A Muslim man who had immigrated to America from Jordan has been sentenced to death by a jury after engaging in two “honor killings” in allegedly being […]

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The Sack Of Rome, German Banks, And The Future War In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The Sack of Rome of 1527 was one of the greatest slaughters of Christendom’s history, done mainly by a force of German mercenaries — the Landsknecht — alongside Spanish and Italian fighters. But, who also benefited from this sacking of Rome? German banks. In this video I talk about this subject in […]

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China Is Publicly Destroying Churches, Burning Crosses, And Forcing Chinese Churches To Teach ‘Chinese Values’

The Chinese government has increased its persecution of Christians, burning crosses, destroying churches, and forcing churches to teach ‘Chinese values’ according to a report: In the name of the sinicization, to create a Christianity with “Chinese characteristics”, the government authorities are burning crosses on the bell towers, replacing them with the red flags of China; […]

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Evangelical Professor Tells American Christians Trump Is NOT Another Cyrus, He Is Manipulating Christians, Cares Only About Power, And Will Eventually Turn On Them

A man is judged from his actions. Words are good and necessary, but it is necessary to see how one’s words align with what one chooses to do or not to do. President Trump has made campaign promises. Like most politicians, he has not kept many of them. However, it is of greater concern that […]

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A Biblical Plague Of Incurable Diseases Awaits As CDC Study Finds That Americans Are More Infected With STDs Than Ever Before

Drug-resistant disease is going to be a major source of death in the 21st century. While the 20th century saw the eradication of many illnesses due to advances and discoveries in antibiotics, the systematic overuse and abuse of them has lead to the development of drug-resistant bacteria that are even more deadly than the previous […]

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