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African Nation Of Cameroon Fighting Separatist Groups As Elections Approach

The African nation of Cameroon is preparing to hold elections soon, and violence from separatist groups is taking place throughout the country according to a report: At least two people were killed on Monday in southwest Cameroon in a suspected attack by security forces. It’s the latest round of violence to hit the restive Anglophone […]

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Rape Is A Serious Crime, But An Allegation Is Not Evidence Of A Crime

Right now, there is an epidemic of “me too” that has permeated throughout the entire country, and has reached the halls of Congress with the recent Kavanaugh circus. Below is one from a series of messages from a person who I have known for many years. She has claimed for years that she has been […]

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The Trump Administration Cancels Deal With FDA That Involved Using Parts Of Aborted Fetuses For Scientific Experiments

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump administration has, rightfully, cancelled a deal with the FDA that involved using the parts of aborted fetuses for scientific experimentation. As we read in a report from Aleteia: After pro-life organizations and individuals voiced concerns over an FDA contract which would allow the agency to procure parts of aborted babies […]

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Trump Raises Pay For All American Soldiers At Levels Not Seen In Ten Years

By Theodore Shoebat Trump recently signed a bill that raises the pay for American soldiers at levels not seen in ten years. As we read in a report from President Donald Trump on Friday signed into law a $670 billion defense spending measure that includes money for the largest boost to service members’ pay in nearly […]

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Islamic Terrorist Who Burned Church Down In Egypt Sentenced To Life In Prison

An Islamic terrorist who burned a church down in Egypt was sentenced to life in prison according to a report: Abdel-Hady Rabie was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment for burning a church in a Giza village in 2013. In Egypt, a life sentence is equal to twenty-five years. Rabie was also charged with killing […]

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china communist party

Tyrannical Chinese Commies Demand And Offer To “Help” Christians “Re-Write” The Bible To Make It “Friendly” To The Communist Party

The evil and tyrannical communist government of China has demanded Christians re-write the Bible to make it friendly to the communist party, and they are offering their “help” to do this according to a report: The Chinese government is supervising a five-year plan to make Christianity more compatible with socialism in which there will be […]

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Romanian Court Bends Over For The Sodomites, Gives Rights To “Couples”

Romania is the latest nation to bend herself over for the sodomite agenda, now extending “rights” to “couples” according to a report: Romania’s constitutional court ruled Thursday (27 September) that gay couples should have the same family rights as heterosexuals, a judgment that runs counter to a referendum next month seeking to interdict gay marriage. […]

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Major Pro-National Socialist Party In Germany Starts Its Own Judenrat Within The Party has discussed the direct connections between National Socialism and the Alternativ für Deutschland, or AfD, party- you can read them here, here, and here. In a recent decision, Jews in the AfD have founded their own Jewish division to represent Jewish interests to the party: Jewish supporters of the right wing populist Alternative for […]

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Pagan Hindu Nationalists Raid Christian Churches, Arrest At Least Ten Pastors And Their Families Across Major Indian State

India’s crackdown on Christians and Christianity continues with the rise in Hindu nationalism and militarism, as at least ten pastors and their families were arrested across the state of Uttar Pradesh in India according to a report: At least 10 pastors were arrested with their families last Sunday as they worshiped in church services across […]

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For The First Time Ever, The Nobel Peace Prize Is Given Collectively To Egypt’s Coptic Christians

In a first-time instance in its history, the Nobel Peace Prize has been given to the Coptic Christian people collectively as a reward for their commitments to peace in spite of what is the near constant persecution by their Muslim neighbors: Egypt’s persecuted Coptic Christian minority has been nominated for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize, […]

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Church In Indonesia Open For Almost Two Decades Forced To Close By Local Muslims

A Church in Indonesia which operated for almost two decades was forced closed by local Muslim residents according to a report: Several members of a church congregation in Jambi city burst into tears on Thursday upon seeing their house of worship sealed by Public Order Agency personnel. “We have been worshiping here for 18 years. […]

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Muslim Man Abandons Islam For Christ, His Mother Pays Men To Kidnap, Beat Him To The Edge Of Death And Burn His Body With Cigarettes

A former Muslim turned Christian was nearly put to death by his own mother for leaving Islam. He was kidnapped, burned with cigarettes over his body and then beaten badly but survived according to a report: A Muslim woman in a Middle Eastern country ordered that her son be beaten nearly to death because he […]

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Timothy, 59, and Diane Combs, 55

Couple In Indiana Horrifically Torture Their Own Children And Force Them To Stick Their Own Diapers In Their Mouths

By Theodore Shoebat A couple in Indiana put their own children through horrific torture, including forcing them to put their own diapers in their mouths. As we read in one report from Fox News: Officials in Indiana have leveled charges against two adults accused of abusing children in their care. The allegations against Timothy, 59, […]

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America Is A Land Of Clowns For The Great Charade Called Politics And The Illusion Of Choice

In his last comic performance before his death, George Carlin on his “Life is worth losing” tour delivered what may be the most famous monologue of his career. It was about the American Dream, which not only does he say that “you have to be asleep to believe it,” but that the USA is a […]

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Majority of Indonesian Muslims Declare They Do Not Want Christians Having Any Leadership Roles In Government

A majority of Indonesian Muslims say they do not want non-Muslims holding leadership positions in government according to a recent poll: Most Indonesian Muslims do not want non-Muslims in leadership positions in government, which points to rising political intolerance in the country, a survey showed on Monday (24/09). The survey by the Indonesian Survey Institute […]

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Islamic Terrorists Ambush Christians Walking Home From Church And Murder Two Of Them

A group of Christians walking home from church was ambushed by Islamic terrorists, and two were killed with five injured according to a report: On September 20, 2018, Fulani militants attacked a group of Christians from Ancha Baptist Church in Ancha, Plateau State, Nigeria. The villagers were returning home from a trip to Miango, the […]

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