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Russian Orthodox Church About To Undergo A Split Over Ukraine

Orthodox Christians in the Ukraine are preparing to split from the Russian Orthodox Church the anger of the Russians at a time when Ukraine as a nation is politically divided according to a report: Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko says top clerics in the Orthodox Church are now ready to grant independence to the Kiev Church, […]

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The Russian Government Sends This Message Out To Donald Trump: ‘Do Not Condemn Us For Bombing The Idlib Province In Syria, It Is A Bastion Of Terrorists.’

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government just recently sent out a message to Donald Trump in response to his warning against bombing the last rebel stronghold in Syria, which is in the Idlib province, stating that the region is a bastion of terrorists. As we read in one report from RT: Trump’s warning against the […]

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Christians In India Declare To Hindu Terrorists ‘We Will Never Deny Christ And You Cannot Make Us Deny Him’

Attacks against Christians by Hindu terrorists have been happening all over India, who want to impress Hinduism on them. In response to them, Christian families have declared that they will never deny Christ and there is nothing that these terrorists can do to make them according to a report: Christian families in India who were […]

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Two Sodomite Priests Busted For Engaging In Acts Of Sodomy In Broad Daylight

Two homosexual priests were arrested for engaging in sodomite activity in broad daylight according to a report: Two Chicago-area priests were charged Monday with Lewd and Lascivious behavior and Indecent Exposure after being caught performing a sexual act inside a car parked on a Miami Beach street. According to Miami Beach Police, 39-year-old Diego Berrio […]

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Study Shows That 39% Of Babies With Heart Conditions Are Murdered Through Abortion. Eugenics Never Died But Is Now Stronger Than It Ever Has Been

By Theodore Shoebat A study shows that 39% of babies with heart conditions are murdered through abortion, as we read in one report from Life Site News: A new study on major congenital heart disease in Denmark has revealed how prenatal testing is being used to screen out babies with disabilities. The paper, published in JAMA Cardiology, […]

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Pedophile Protecting Cardinal Wuerl Visits major Washington, D.C. Area Parish, Or The Reason Why America Is A Nation Of Slaves

With the recent events of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s report about homosexual abuse in the Church, many Catholic journalists of good will have been aggressively pursuing members of the clergy who are trying to protect the deeds of the majority sodomite perpetrators. Catholic journalist George Neumayr has been one of these, and he has been […]

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President Trump Backs Muslim Rebels, Sends Out Warning To Assad: ‘Do Not Bomb That Last Rebel Stronghold In Syria.’

By Theodore Shoebat In yet another piece of evidence that when it comes to foreign police the president is controlled by the militarist lobby, Trump just recently warned Assad not to attack the last Muslim rebel stronghold in Syria. As we read in one report from RT: US President Donald Trump has warned Syrian leader […]

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