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Woman Has Sex With Her Uncle For Money, He Doesn’t Pay Her, She Goes To Court And Falsely Accuses Him Of Rape

In a story that would seem to be something from a daytime television “talk show” in the USA, a woman was arrested and charged with making false statements. According to police she voluntarily had sex with her uncle for money, and after he refused to pay her a certain amount of money, she went to […]

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Massive Increase In Crystal Meth Usage In Israel Is Directly Linked To Its Popularity With The LGBT

It is well-documented that homosexuals enjoy a varied of abnormal, unhealthy, and dangerous sexual practices. One of these practices is what homosexuals call “chemsex” parties that involved either smoking, injecting, or stuffing crystal methamphetamine into their anuses (called “shafting”) before and while engaging in homosexual activity. They do this because they say it makes them […]

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UK’s Chief Orthodox Rabbi Swears Loyalty To Sodom, Publishes A Book Promoting Homosexuality For Teenagers And Declares “Zero Tolerance” Against Anybody Who Opposes The LGBT

The Chief Rabbi for the UK, Ephraim Mirvis, recently pledged his loyalty to Sodom, writing a book on homosexuality for teenagers and has said that he wants a “zero tolerance” approach to those who would oppose homosexuality according to a report: Britain’s chief rabbi published a guidebook for Orthodox Jewish schools to help them provide […]

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Islamic Mobs Force Eight Church To Close Following Massive Attacks Against Christians in Egypt

While Egypt has a long Christian history, it can be difficult for churches to open or make improvements owing to the predominate Islamic presence. Many times Christians have to meet in unlicensed churches to meet the demands of the faithful, who persevere in spite of considerable persecution. However, in recent months the situation has become […]

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Hindu Nationalists Win Major Victory As India Strikes Down Laws Against Homosexuality

India’s supreme could has struck down a provision in India’s constitution in a major decision that has legalized homosexuality according to a report: India’s Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a ban on gay sex after a decades-old campaign against a colonial-era law used to hold back LGBT rights. Members of lesbian, gay, bisexual and […]

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