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Connecticut GOP Goes Gay With Six Sodomite Republicans Running For Political Office

Connecticut has earned a reputation for supporting both the LGBT and Democrat politics. However, that is about to change in part as the Republican party is fronting six homosexual as candidates for office: Connecticut is fielding six openly gay Republican candidates for state General Assembly in a “rainbow wave” that contrasts with the LGBT candidates […]

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Stores Are Empty, Millions Panicking To Get Provisions Before Major Storm Hits U.S. Coast

Millions of people across North Carolina and South Carolina are scrambling to acquire provisions as Hurricane Florence prepares to make landfall on the U.S. east coast. Stores throughout both states are empty and 1.3 million people have been ordered to evacuate: With memories of the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria still fresh […]

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Huge Nationalist Surge In Sweden: Political Party In Sweden That Wants To Fight Islamic Immigration Takes Major Victory In Election And Now Has 63 Seats In The Swedish Parliament

By Theodore Shoebat The anti-Islamic immigration party in Sweden, the Sweden Democrats, just took over 17% of the vote in the Swedish election, giving it third place.  According to a report from the Washington Post: “With most ballots from Sunday’s election counted, the Moderates had 19.2 percent of the vote. The ruling Social Democrats led […]

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Homosexual Man Stabs His Gay Lover In The Neck After They Finish Sodomizing Each Other

Homosexuals are known to have distinct, violent tendencies. Much of that violence is directed against each other. In another example of homosexual violence, a sodomite stabbed his sodomite friend with a foot long knife after sex according to a report: A man has been arrested for stabbing his friend in the neck after they had […]

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Atheist Chinese Communist Government Forces Christians To Burn Their Bibles And Apostatize

The Chinese government has been forcing Christians to burn their Bibles and sign papers that say they deny Christ as part of a continual persecution of Christians according to a report: Chinese Communist officials have been burning Bibles and forcing Christians to sign papers renouncing their faith, as part of their ongoing crackdown on religion. […]

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Restricting Speech Or Criticism Is Not Per Se An Attack On Freedom, But Rather May Be About Self-Preservation

The Christian Science Monitor recently put out a five-part series discussing changes within Russia and Siberia that will shape the future. One of these parts discussed legalizing the use of the name “Genghis Khan” and discussion of him as a public figure in the Republic of Buryatia, one of the many areas in Russia that […]

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