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The Jewish Roots Of Nazi Occultism

By Theodore Shoebat Why would Nazis look to Kabbalism? To have a better understanding of the future of ethno-nationalism — which is rising today — I think we need to reevaluate our conventional view of Nazism. In the time of Christ, the Jewish elites saw themselves as a master race, saved by their blood. Hence […]

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LGBT Declares That Death Camps Where Over A Million People Were Executed In Horrible Ways Were “Compassionate Education Centers”

The Bible declares that the LGBT are full of envy, murder, deceit, and malice (Romans 1:29). It is already known that there is a tremendous amount of disordered behavior that comes from them in a higher proportion than the rest of society, and too often includes horrendous crimes against others and themselves. Many among the […]

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Also Fängt Es An- Major German Publication Exposes Thousands Of Sodomite Abuse Cases In Germany And Massive Efforts By The Church To Cover It Up

The sexual abuse scandal has been exploding worldwide, and now reports from Der Spiegel are showing that thousands of cases of homosexual abuse are being not just exposed, but evidence showing members of the hierarchy destroying documents of homosexual priests involved in abuse: The Catholic Church in Germany has a massive problem in dealing with […]

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Germany And Turkey Want To Build Closer Economic Ties In The Midst Of US Financial Pressure. Germany And Turkey Are Slowly Revolting Against American Hegemony

By Theodore Shoebat Germany and Turkey want to get closer and closer economically in the midst of US financial pressure. This is an indication that Turkey and Germany are slowly revolting against the American hegemony. As we read in one report from Kurdistan 24: The Ankara government has stepped up efforts to rekindle its broken […]

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Homosexuals Brag They Will Turn India Into The World’s Largest “Pink Economy”

The recent ruling in India legalizing homosexuality has greatly empowered the lobby of Sodom, which has vowed to ‘unlock India’s potential’ and turn her into the world’s largest “pink economy” according to a report: From LGBT nightclubs to “gaycations” and more, a court ruling legalising in India is set to unlock one of the world’s […]

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Hindu Terrorists File False Charges Against Hundreds Of Christians For Preaching The Gospel

Hindu terrorists have been viciously persecuting Christians throughout India. In another bout of anti-Christian violence, hundreds of Christian pastors have been falsely charged with crimes by Hindu terrorists, something they say never happened before until the Hindu nationalists began to get power: Police in India’s Uttar Pradesh state have charged more than 270 Christians with […]

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