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The US Government Is Now Pushing Germany To Use Its Military In Syria. This Is All Helping To Revive German Militarism

By Theodore Shoebat The United States, through its sodomite Ambassador Richard Grenell,  is now pressuring Germany to deploy troops into Syria. As we read in a report from Spiegel Online: Under pressure from the United States, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her defense minister have signaled an increased willingness to take military action against Syrian President […]

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Storms Of Missiles “From The Sea” Strike Syria, Injuring Seven People

By Theodore Shoebat A storm of missiles have struck Syria. The missiles were targeting the Technical Industries Agency headquarters, which is located in Latakia. A Syrian government states that the missiles were “from the sea” while others say that they came from drones. Video from the aggression on #Latakia — Kevork Almassian (@KevorkAlmassian) September […]

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Major Homosexual Rally Floods Serbia, And It Is All Being Backed By Western Money

By Theodore Shoebat A major sodomite rally has hit the city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. As we read in one report from Balkan Insight: Belgrade Pride Week 2018 will take place from September 10th to 16th under the slogan, “Reci da!”, or “Say Yes!” in English. The title was selected to highlight the list of […]

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Kavanaugh was accused by Christine Blassey Ford of sexual assault

Make No Mistake About It, The Person Who Is Accusing Kavanaugh Of Rape Is An Evil Woman Who Supports Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat Just days before the Senate Judiciary votes for is going to vote on whether or not Brett Kavanaug will be appointed into the Supreme Court, some woman — not surprisingly — has popped up to scream rape. According to one report from Fox News: Just days before the Senate Judiciary Committee was […]

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Hindu Terrorists Attack Christian Pastor And Smash His Head Into A Brick For Preaching The Gospel

A Christian pastor in India was attacked by Hindu terrorists for preaching the Gospel and they smashed his head into a brick according to a report: An Indian pastor has told of how he was attacked by Hindu extremists and forced to leave his village. Sujit, 34, told Open Doors: ‘When I first accepted Jesus, […]

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UK Muslim Prison Chaplain And Inmates Racially Insult, Terrorize, Threaten With Death And Get Christian Pastor Fired For Teaching The Bible

A Christian pastor was the target of a systematic campaign of terror by a fellow Muslim prison chaplain and other Muslim inmates at a UK prison, who racially abused him, threatened his life, and eventually had him fired for teaching the Bible but was later reinstated according to a report: A Christian prison chaplain, who […]

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Tolerant Sodomites Are Attempting To Use An Upcoming Court Case To Force Christian Adoption Agencies To Give Them Children

The sodomites love to advertise how “tolerant” they are, when as their actions consistently show, their tolerance is only for those who absolutely and unequivocally submit to their demands. There are already adoption agencies who adopt children to sodomite homes, but that is not enough for them, as they want to force Christian adoption agencies […]

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As Pope Francis Bows Before The Chinese Communists, Chinese Catholics Are Suffering Worse Than Ever And Fear “This Is Only The Beginning”

China has recently been engaged in the serious persecution of Christians in the nation. The Catholic Church is one of her main targets, as the Chinese government wants to illegally appoint bishops within the Church. This is a highly serious matter, and Pope Francis has set a course of action to allow for this to […]

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