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Sodomites Send Package Filled With Feces To Pro-Family Pastor With Message “Eat A D*ck” Written On It

A Christian preacher in Scotland known for his anti-LGBT preaching and work against the advancement of homosexuality in society recently received a package filled with feces and with the words “Eat A D*ck” written on it according to a report: A VOCAL anti-gay preacher has been sent a box filled with poo with a message […]

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18 Children Rescued From Abuse At Buddhist Mission In India

When Christian institutions are involved in the abuse of minors, there is rightly talk about the terrible nature of the crime and how it cannot be allowed to happen. However, there are many who use such examples to attack Christianity as a whole, saying that “other” groups don’t engage in such activity, and often times […]

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Islamic Terrorists Take Two Small Christian Boys, Slice Their Bodies With Machetes And Fill Them With Bullets

Islamic terrorists from Boko Haram have been attacking Christians all over Nigeria. According to a recent report, two Christian boys aged 9 and 10 were sliced all over their bodies with machetes and then filled with bullets: Two Christian boys were murdered last week by Fulani radicals in Plateau State in Nigeria, with the violence […]

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Evil Hindu Man Who Tried To Force His Daughter To Murder Her Unborn Child Has His Son-In-Law Hacked To Death With Machetes In Front Of Her For Being A Christian From A Low Caste

In the racist Hindu caste system, the “dalit” is the lowest rank. These people face the most discrimination in India and are scarcely even considered human beings. At the same time, many converts to Christianity in India come from the dalits because, as they know from experience, the only hope they have is in Christ. […]

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Muslim Tortures Christian Man To Death With Acid Over Job Title

A Christian man was tortured to death with acid by a Muslim colleague for having a job title above that of other Muslims according to a report: Disfigured with acid because of the jealousy of colleagues and because of his Christian faith: This is the story of Faraz Ahmed Badar from a small village in […]

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