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Savage Drug Cartel Hitman Walks Up Behind Government Worker And Executes Him In The Back Of The Head In Broad Daylight

Life in Mexico for many people has become dangerous as drug cartels threaten and murder people without fear. In a recent incident, a government employee was executed in broad daylight outside of his house: An agent of the Public Ministry of Miguel Hidalgo of Mexico City, identified as Roberto “N”, was murdered outside his home. […]

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Sick American Child Pornographer Parents Arrested For Plotting To Kidnap, Sexually Torture, And Murder A Child

Four American pedophiles who made videos of themselves raping their own children were arrested by police for plotting to kidnap a child in a public place, rape and then murder the child and hide the body according to local news: Four people in Michigan have been charged with a plan to kidnap, rape and kill […]

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Deranged Day Care Worker Stabs Three Newborn Babies For No Reason And Then Tries To Kill Herself

A Chinese daycare worker at an illegal nursery for Chinese children stabbed three newborn babies, two adults, and then tried to kill herself in a bout of violence that has shocked New York City: A woman stabbed five people — including three newborn babies — and then slashed her wrist early Friday inside a New […]

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First Sodomites Are Being Thrown Off Of Roofs By Muslims, Now It Is Christians

For years, there was the often repeated story in the media that Muslims were throwing homosexuals off of roofs. Now it is being reported that Christians are being thrown off of roofs by Muslims in an act of persecution: Debate is swirling in Pakistan over whether a violent attack on a Christian girl who was […]

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