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John Bolton Makes This Warning To The Iranian Regime: “We Are Watching, And We Will Come After You”

By Theodore Shoebat John Bolton, in his talk at the United Against a Nuclear Iran Summit, gave this warning to the Iranian regime: “We are watching, and we will come after you,” as we read in a recent report from RT: Hours after the US and Iranian leaders took aim at each other at the UN General Assembly, […]

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Poland Deports Chechen Nationalist Whose Family Was Directly Tied To American-Backed Islamic Terrorists In The Caucasus

Recently in Polish news, there was a story about a man involved in “Chechen Independence” named Azamat Baiduyev who was seeking asylum but was denied and sent back to Chechnya. The story was originally posted on and was later translated for, with our emphasis added in bold: On the morning of 31 August, […]

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Twenty-Seven Christians Drown Fleeing From Islamic Terrorist Attacks

Twenty-seven Christians in Nigeria have drowned as they were fleeing from Islamic terrorists according to a report: Some 27 Christians, including a pastor, have drowned after fleeing Islamist attackers in northeast Nigeria. According to Christian persecution watchdog, World Watch Monitor, the attacks took place between 13 to 16 September, and involved communities based along the […]

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The Israeli Government Declares That The Israeli Military Will Continue Attacking Syria

By Theodore Shoebat The Israeli government has declared that it will continue to attack Syria in order to prevent Iranian advancement in the region. As we read in a report from RT: Israel will continue to strike targets in Syria despite Moscow’s decision to provide S-300 anti-air systems to Damascus, Benjamin Netanyahu has said, adding […]

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Catholic Priest Who Burned Homosexual Flag Now In Hiding After Bishop Tries To Have Him Locked Up In Mental Hospital

The LGBT is known for her violent persecution of all who stand in her way, for as the Bible states, their behaviors are gravely sinful and are worthy of death. Several days ago, it was reported that an LGBT flag was burned at a Chicago Church. In response, the Cardinal, Francis appointee Blase Cupich, has […]

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Trump’s Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, Declares His Support For Islamic-Marxist Terrorist Organization In New York City

By Theodore Shoebat Just days ago Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, declared his support for Islamic-Marxist terrorist organization, the People’s Mujahideen of Iran. This event happened just a day after a horrific shooting took place in Iran in which dozens were slaughtered by, reportedly, Arab separatists. There was a horrific terrorist attack in Iran, in the area […]

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