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Trump Is Normalizing Dangerous Nationalism, As He Declares: “I’m A Nationalist” And Tells His Followers To Use The Word “Nationalist” When Defining Their Political Beliefs

By Theodore Shoebat      Trump just recently declared that he is a nationalist and exhorted his followers to use the term nationalist when defining their political position. During his speech in Houston, which was to be done to campaign for Ted Cruz (which is funny since for months Trump and Cruz were acting like […]

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Sodomites Declare In New York Times That Ones Genitals Do Not Have Anything To Do With One’s Gender

For years on 4Chan, there has been a question going around called “Are traps gay?”, asking if men who dress up as women and sodomize or get sodomized by another man are homosexuals. The answer to this question should not need to be stated as much as the question need not be asked- of course […]

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The Bombs Sent To Obama, Clinton And Soros Were Not Sent By ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat Pipe Bombs have been sent to Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and George Soros. One of the pipe bombs have been seen with an ISIS flag:   A report from the Chicago Tribune says: Crude pipe bombs targeting Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, CNNand others were intercepted Tuesday night and Wednesday in […]

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US Declares That Russia Plans To Use Giant ‘Combat Laser System’ In Space To Attack America

As the anti-Russian rhetoric increases, the US now is saying that Russia plans to build a giant ‘combat laser system’ to attack US interests: The United States is warning that recent Russian movements in space signal the country is building a military space force that could employ a “combat laser system” capable of knocking American […]

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