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Forget About The “Blue Wave,” Because Another Pink Wave Just Swept Congress

There was much talk about a “blue wave” in congress with the recent elections. While some are debating this, what is not for debate is the emergence of another “pink wave,” where LGBT candidates for congress and even the governorship of the state of Colorado have installed themselves into the halls of power: The LGBT […]

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meat cubes 01

Restaurant Chef Murders Customer, Then Chops Him Up And Serves The Parts To Customers

Human cannibalism, while it has always existed, is a trend that is growing around the world. In a story out of Thailand a chef at a restaurant murdered a customer, and then chopped up his body and served the meat in a variety of dishes to unsuspecting customers according to a report: How many times […]

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New Poll Shows That Xenophobia Explodes Across Germany As Nationalism Makes Major Gains

For a long time, Germany was known as a welcoming countries for people migrating from around the world, especially the third world. Since the “refugee crisis” that began in 2015 that has rapidly changed, where now xenophobia has exploded across Germany: Xenophobia is on the rise in Germany, in particular in its eastern states, according […]

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Pentecostal Church Power Struggle Turns Violent As Rival Church Groups Attack Each Other With Guns, Sticks, And Bricks

In any organization, there are tendencies for group rivalry that can and sometimes to lead to infighting. Whether it is in church, scout troops, or social clubs, petty squabbles for power can lead to large amounts of fighting over small matters. However, sometimes fighting can turn deadly. Such was what happened recently in South Africa, […]

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Sudanese Police Arrest And Torture Thirteen Former Muslims Turned Christians

Police in Sudan have arrested and tortured thirteen former Muslims after they abandoned Islam for Christianity according to a report: Sudanese officials raided a house church in South Darfur, Sudan on 13 October, arresting 13 Christians and subjected the converts from Islam in the group to a day and night of beating and torture. Security […]

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jd hall

Blog Of Major American Calvinist Preacher Declares That The Bible Teaches “The Answer To The Migrant Caravan Is Bullets And Bombs,” Says That Evangelicals Are “Leftists” Who “Have Lost Their Way”, That God Invented National Borders, And They Need To Man Up By Slaughtering The Hispanic And Overwhelmingly Catholic Migrants In The Name Of Saving White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism

Calvinist “pastor” JD Hall is the author of the popular Calvinist blog Pulpit and Pen that promotes various other calvinist preachers. According to a recent article on his blog, it declares that modern Evangelical Protestants have “lost their way”, and that because “White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism” is at risk and with it the survival of America, […]

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