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Chinese Catholic Bishop Arrested By Atheist Government And Is Now Being Forced To Undergo ‘Reeducation’

The Chinese persecution of the Church continues with full force as the Catholic Bishop of Wenzhou, China was just taken by the police and is being forced to undergo ‘reeducation’ according to a report: The bishop of Wenzhou (Zhejiang), Msgr. Pietro Shao Zhumin, was kidnapped by police this morning at 9 and will be kept […]

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Government Uses Public DNA Database To Solve Murder Cold Case

A public DNA database was used to solve a murder cold case according to a report: A family’s nearly two-decade wait to find out who killed their beloved daughter came to an end this month, as investigators announced an arrest in the cold case. The Orlando Police Department said Monday that 38-year-old Benjamin L. Holmes […]

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California Wildfires

California Is Burning Down As Historic Fires Consume Everything In Their Path

Wildfires are all over California right now, consuming many parts of the state and threatening the entire Los Angeles area: The most destructive wildfire in California history leveled nearly the entire city of Paradise as firefighters battled massive fires on both sides of the state. At least 23 people were killed by the so-called Camp […]

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Trump Eulogizes The Dead On Veterans Day While His Policies Prepare To Make More Dead Veterans To Eulogize

President Trump visited France where among the rise in nationalism and increase in militarism, with much of the work being done by US policies that has the potential to lead to a major conflict on the scale of a third global war, he eulogized the dead in World War I: Eschewing global politics, President Donald […]

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