Archive | November 20, 2018

The Entire “Mass Wedding” On The Border With The Migrant Caravan Is Just Another Political Spectacle

A “mass wedding” of sodomite couples with the “migrant caravan” just took place on the US-Mexican border: At least seven LGBTQ couples who traveled through Mexico with the migrant caravan commemorated their love during a symbolic mass-wedding celebration in the border town of Tijuana. Guatemalan Pedro Nehemias Pastor and Honduran Erick Alexander Durán were one […]

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Egypt Sentences Islamic Terrorist To Death For Murdering Elderly Christian Doctor

An Egyptian court has just sentenced an Islamic terrorist to death for murdering an elderly Christian doctor according to a report: An ISIS sympathizer charged in the fatal stabbing of an 82-year-old Christian doctor in Cairo, Egypt, has been sentenced to death as the government seeks to crack down on Islamic extremism in the country. […]

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Canadian Hospital Advertises Murdering One’s Sick Family Members In Waiting Room

An elderly person who lived behind the Iron Curtain and had since moved to America asked why he never liked hospitals. He responded that it was because hospitals were places where people go to die. This statement could not be truer as of recent with an advertisement from a Canadian hospital in the waiting room […]

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Moroccan Woman Murders Her Boyfriend, Grinds Up His Body In A Blender, Then Cooks The Meat And Serves It With Rice To Unsuspecting People

A woman in Morocco was arrested after murdering her boyfriend and disposing of most of the body with a friend. However, she kept some of his remains, chopped them up in a blender, and then served them with rice to unsuspecting people according to a a report: A Moroccan woman is accused of killing her […]

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US Claims It Could Lose A War Against Russia Or China, Continues To Set Up The Conditions For A War Against Both

The US military recently said they face a “crisis of national security” because they have the potential to lose a war against Russia or China: The United States faces a “crisis of national security” because its historic military supremacy has eroded drastically, leaving it likely unable to fight more than a single war at a […]

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