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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is the American national holiday to give thanks, dating back to Medieval times and has been consistently preserved in US history and culture since 1619 in New England and eventually the entire nation. For those who are consistent readers and supporters of our work, I would like to thank you for all of the […]

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San Francisco Is So Filthy That People Are Using Feces Now For Graffiti

San Francisco has a reputation for filth. Whether it is the hippies of Haight-Ashbury, the LGBT, or just the loads of trash that garnish the streets, the wealth and power of Silicon Valley sits between mountains of human and biomedical waste. The filth is so bad that now the city has reached a new nadir […]

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UK School Forces Small Children To Attend Sodomite Parade And Does Not Tell The Parents

Sodomite parades are public demonstrations of manifest perversions where men walk around dressed as women and engage in open sexual activity, even in front of small children. They are given license to do this because of the overwhelming support of the LGBT among the people. Christians who object not only do not have their wished […]

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Iraqi Government Seizes Hundreds Of Homes From Christians

Christianity has almost been exterminated completely from Iraq, and even the few who remain are being persecuted as the Iraqi government has seized 350 homes from Christians: An investigation by an Iraqi media source, al-Sumaria, revealed that at least 350 Christian owned properties have illegally been seized. The government has stopped only 50 of these […]

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Head Of Church Of England Says To Stop Referring To God As “He” Because Of The “Patriarchy”

The Church of England is known for embracing many forms of heresy, the most recent of which is the request of the Head of the church telling her dwindling flock to stop referring to God as “He” because of the “patriarchy”: God should not be referred to using a gender because ‘our father’ was not […]

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Die-Hard Conservative And Trump Supporter Attacks Catholic Supply Store, Takes Three Employees Hostage And Sodomizes Them Before Executing One Of Them

A man in Missouri was arrested after he kidnapped three people at a major Catholic supply store, sodomized them, and executed one of them: Authorities have charged a 53-year-old man in connection to the murder of a woman inside a West St. Louis County Catholic Supply store. Thomas Bruce, 53, was charged with 17 criminal […]

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