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Stop Idealizing Political Systems. All Political Systems Can Be Used For Evil, And Are Used For Evil

By Theodore Shoebat A lot of people like to put too much focus on political systems, as if they are the answer. They will say that we need is democracy, what we need is a republic, or even a monarchy or dictatorship. No political system is the solution because all political systems can be used […]

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Chaos At The US-Mexican Border As Border Agents Fire Tear Gas Into The “Migrant Caravan,” Hundreds Of People Are Now Protesting

Chaos has erupted at the US-Mexican border after border agents fired tear gas on hundreds of migrants following attempts by several to cross. This is a developing story and we will be watching it closely. U.S. border agents fired tear gas on hundreds of migrants protesting near the border with Mexico on Sunday after some […]

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Major Scientific Study On Evolution Concludes That All Human Beings Descended From Just Two People

Evolution and Darwinism are philosophical vehicles used by the politically ambitious to justify their own power, and science is far too often used as a tool to attempt to rationalize said claims. However, a recent collaborative study on evolution between Rockefeller University and the University of Basel has revealed that all human beings descend from […]

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Trump Is Not Showing Leadership Or Manliness In His Treatment Of The Courts, He Is Acting Like A Dictator And Is Undermining The Rule Of Law

There has been much controversy about the “transgenders” in the military. President Trump in a recent and rare decision is working to bypass the lower courts and appeal the matter directly to the Supreme Court: President Donald Trump’s administration, in a move to get around the circuit court, on Friday appealed directly to the Supreme […]

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Sodomite Politician Puts Naked Photos Of Himself On Public Gay Cruising App, Gets Angry At His Constituents For Discovering His Photos

Scandals are not unknown in politics regardless of the age, and each age tends to have a prevalence of certain types of scandals depending on the particular proclivities of the culture and social issues in dispute. The rise of the LGBT has pushed the homosexual issue to the front of public consciousness, and because of […]

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