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Refugees Need To Go Home, They Should Not Come To America

In December 2016, I wrote an article, which you can read here, based on the research of GEFIRA, which showed that the entire “migrant crisis” was manufactured by the governments of Europe, who gave lucrative contracts to international charities, NGOs, and other organizations to actively traffick human beings en mass into Europe. I explained in […]

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killer roboto

Vatican Warns That Killer Robots Must Be Banned Before They “Alter Irreversibly The Nature Of Warfare”

One of the major trends that I have been following and writing on is the rise of A.I. and the development of autonomous killing systems, especially killer robots. In a recent statement from the Vatican, they warned that killer robots must be banned before they “alter irreversibly the nature of warfare”: Fully automated and autonomous […]

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Christianity In Massive Decline In USA As Over One Hundred Churches Die Each Week

Christianity in the USA has been going through a massive decline in the USA, as many people simply do not attend church any more and do not affiliate with any religion. The trend is shown by the generations, with the Milennials the most irreligious yet only to be eclipsed by GenZ, which is appearing to […]

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Florida Man Stabs Woman In The Head With Fork For Serving Him An Undercooked Baked Potato

Sometimes food is not always properly cooked, and usually when this happens the food is sent back to be properly prepared or it is simply not eaten. However, a Florida man approached the matter differently, as he was arrested after he stabbed a woman in the head with a fork for serving him an undercooked […]

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Eight Chinese Catholic Leaders Petition The Vatican To Not Make Any Compromises With The Chinese Government

Christians throughout China have been experiencing serious persecution for their faith, and one of the largest targets has been the Catholic Church. In response to recent moves between the Pope and the Chinese government, eight Chinese Catholic leaders have petitioned the Vatican not to make any compromises with the government: Eight Catholic church leaders from […]

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