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Gang Of Cannibal Teenagers Kidnap Six-Year-Old Girl, Slit Her Throat And Drink Her Blood Before Eating The Remains

Kenyan police are on the hunt for a gang of cannibal teenagers who kidnapped a six-year-old girl, tortured her, then slit her throat and drank the blood before consuming the remains according to a report: Police officers have launched a manhunt for a group of 15 boys that has been accused of raping, mutilating and […]

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First Ever Coptic Mass Celebrated In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is well-known for oppressing Christians and Christianity. However, in a recent move given by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, he invited a Coptic Christian bishop to hold the first ever Coptic mass in the nation according to a report: Arabian news reports have shared photos and information about what is believed to be […]

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Head Of British Intelligence Calls For A “New Era Of Spying” Led By Artificial Intelligence

As I have continually emphasized, developments in supercomputing and artificial intelligence will be a major force of change in the future. This was emphasized by a recent statement from the Head of the British Spy agency MI6 in which he called for a “new era” of spying with the integration of A.I. leading the way: […]

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US Military Calls For Breeding A New Species Of “Genetically Modified” Living Creatures To Serve As “Living Tripwires”

Biological and genetic “innovations” are one of the hallmark “innovative” industries of the times, and will be very important in the future as genetic “editing” technology in conjunction with artificial intelligence come to define the next form of warfare and modern life. The US military is rapidly working on developing such technologies, and planning to […]

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Millennials Aren’t Spending Money Because They Simply Do Not Have The Extra Money To Spend

Millennials aren’t the “new generation” that sociologists are talking about in terms of their potential for the future, as that title has gone to Generation Z. However, because Millennials constitute the current major bloc of persons in the world force, pushing out the Boomers and now even Generation X, they are at a time in […]

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Nationalism Is A Scam

By Theodore Shoebat Nationalism is a scam, a ploy used by financial elites to deceive the masses to revolt and to think that they are fighting for a good cause when they are just really striving to fulfill the agendas of the financiers of the rebellion: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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