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Sodomites Angry They Cannot Groom Children To Molest And Infect With Incurable Diseases

  The LGBT expressed anger over a law in Russia that forbids the promotion of sodomite ideas to teenagers, saying the law ‘imperiled’ sodomite youth and that it instilled ‘fear’ in them and prevented them from accessing ‘resources’ according to a report: A report from the Human Rights Campaign, titled: “No Support: Russia’s ‘Gay Propaganda’ […]

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Narcoterrorists Storm Bus Filled With Honduran Migrants, Take Five Random People Including Two Small Children, And Shoot Them For No Reason

There have been many stories about the Honduran migrants fleeing to the US. While there have been allegations of the potential for violence among them, a group of Honduran migrants experience real violence en route at the hands of narcoterrorist cartels, who stormed a bus and shot five people randomly for no apparent reason, including […]

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Deep Fake Technology Said To Be Outpacing Security Measures To Control Or Temper It

“Deep fake” technology is a sub-branch of artificial intelligence that is going to be incredibly important in the future. The technology, which allows for a person, place, or thing to be substituted over or against another person, place, or thing first became popularized in the adult film industry, and from that quickly spread to mainstream […]

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Brazilian Satanists Ritually Murder Three Women, Grind Up Their Bodies, Bake The Meat Into Pies And Sell Them To Unsuspecting People

In Victorian literature and later film Sweeney Todd is a man who murders customers at his barber shop, grinds up their bodies, bakes the remains into pies and sells them to people not knowing they are eating another man. In Brazil a real-life variety of this case happened where a man obsessed with black magic, […]

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US Senate Defies Trump And Votes Against American Backing Of Saudi Arabia’s Horrific War Against Yemen

By Theodore Shoebat The United Senate has defied president Trump and voted against Saudi Arabia’s horrific war against Yemen. The Senate voted 56 to 41 against the United State’s policy of backing Saudi Arabia in war on Yemen. The war has been going on for four years. Thousands have been killed, many of whom by […]

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