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Putin Warns The United States: ‘If You Put Intermediate-range Missiles In Europe, Russia Will Respond.’

By Theodore Shoebat Putin has warned that if the United States places intermediate-range missiles in Europe that Russia will respond with countermeasures. As we read in one report from DW: An attempt to lower the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons could potentially result in an all-out nuclear war, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned […]

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Ukrainian Parliament Votes In Favor Of The Government Forcing The Russian Orthodox To Change Their Name To Let Everyone Know That It Is Part Of An “Aggressor” State. This Is All About Causing Persecution Against Russians In Ukraine

By Theodore Shoebat The Ukrainian parliament recently voted in favor of the government to force the Russian Orthodox parishes that are located in Ukraine to be under the title of “Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine.” The vote was done with nationalist declarations of “Glory to Ukraine!” by parliamentarians. Given the hatred by Ukrainian nationalists towards Russians, […]

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Trump Praises Albania For Expelling Iranian Ambassador And ‘Standing Up To Iran’

By Theodore Shoebat Trump praised the government of Albania for expelling Iran’s ambassador, as we read in a report from Radio Free Europe: U.S. President Donald Trump has thanked Albania for expelling Iran’s ambassador to Tirana and another diplomat for alleged national security reasons. Trump thanked Prime Minister Edi Rama in a letter for his […]

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The Government Of Poland Sacks Ukrainian Ambassador. This Is Only A Sign Of The Tensions Between Poland And Ukraine

By Theodore Shoebat This is just another sign of tensions between Poland and Ukraine. Lets remember that Ukrainian nationalists committed a genocide on Poles during the Second World War. The anger still lingers in the geopolitical atmosphere. As we read in a report from Unian: Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has dismissed Polish Ambassador to Ukraine […]

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Man Breaks Into Funeral Home, Opens Multiple Coffins Until He Finds A Woman And Then Proceeds To Rape Her Corpse In The Coffin

Death is a tragic time for many people, and funeral homes go to great lengths to help people with the loss of their loved ones and to honor and bury the dead. However, such did not happen at a funeral home in the UK were a man broke into it and the proceeded to open […]

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Islamic Terrorists Take Two European Women Tourists Hiking In Morocco And Brutally Saw Their Heads Off With A Knife While She Screams For Her Mother Because Of “Sexual Frustration”

Maren Ueland of Norway and Louisa Jespersen of Denmark were friends and roommates who went on a hiking trip in Morocco. While they were there, they befriended three locals and offered to go hiking with them. While hiking, the men kidnapped them and then proceeded to saw their heads off with a knife while filming […]

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church inside

Pope Francis’ Statements About The Death Penalty Are A World-Class Lesson In Catholic Theology

Pope Francis is the leader of the Church, and he has surprised many people by making statements of a progressively more questionable and potentially heretical nature. Recently, the Pope made a major statement saying that the death penalty was “inadmissible” and went so far as to criticize all the popes of the past for their […]

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