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Catholic Priest Who Was A Secret Devil Worshiper Caught With Massive Photo And Video Collection Of Children Being Raped And Murdered, Professes His Love For Homosexuality, Satanism, Murder, Molesting Children, Doing LSD, And Deceiving People For Fun

The history of modern police work goes to a Frenchman by the name of Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie, who was appointed to discover the mastermind behind a series of poisonings during the reign of King Louis XIV. What de la Reynie discovered, which has come to be known as the Poison Affair, in which […]

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UK Couple Takes Six-Week-Old Baby, Breaks His Leg And Ribs, Bite His Nose, Then Smashes His Head Into The Ground Until The Back Of His Skull Is Flat And He Dies

A teenage couple in the UK has been convicted in the horrific death of their six-week-old son. According to police the boy was repeatedly beaten, and he had his ribs and leg broken, his nose bitten, and then his skull smashed into the ground so hard and for so many times that it was flat […]

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Muslim Taxi Driver Blasphemes Christ On Camera, Then Declares He Will Sodomize Any Muslim Man Or Woman In The UK Who Becomes A Christian

A Muslim man in the UK has apologized after making a video and posting it on Facebook where he said that, in addition to his hatred of Christianity, that he and his friend “both gonna f*** (anybody) up the a**” who is a Muslim that becomes a Christian while gyrating his pelvis on camera according […]

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Married Sodomite Rapes His Mentally Disabled Stepson Twice A Day For Years

While sodomites often are associated with the “L,” “G,” or the “T” in “LGBT”, the “B” is occasionally forgotten but remains equally important and relevant, as one can be married and a sodomite. Such was the case of a man in Virginia who was found guilty of raping his mentally disabled stepson twice a day […]

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Man Rapes And Tortures Children For Years At His Mother’s Day Care Center, Tells Police He Loves Both Reinacting The Rapes And ‘I Am Just Like Ted Bundy’

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer in the 1970s who murdered at least thirty women before he was caught, convicted, and put to death. He said that he loved the act of murder and looked at each murder as a trophy and something he would reinact regularly as it was a fantasy for him. […]

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New President Of Planned Parenthood Professes Her Love Of The LGBT And Declares That Murdering Babies Is A ‘Human Right’

Planned Parenthood’s mission always was eugenics, with the intention of exterminating “undesirable” groups of people. Their main businesses are in murder and contraceptive measures, and the new President of the eugenics group, Leana Wen, repeated that sentiment by saying that murdering children is a ‘basic human right’ according to a report: Planned Parenthood’s new president […]

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Danish Government Approves To Transform Island From Being An Animal Disease Research Center To A Detention Center For Migrants

By Theodore Shoebat As we reported on before, the Danish government wants to up 125 refugees on the little island of Lindholm, an island that is used solely for animal disease research. Now the Danish government has approved to transform the place into an island detention center for migrants. As we read in a report […]

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