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Gunmen Massacre Thirty Seven People

By Theodore Shoebat Thirty seven people, all belonging to the Fulani tribe, were slaughtered by people dressed as dozo hunters. Would not doubt that this was done by paramilitaries or agents to deepen ethnic tensions. As we read in DW: In total, 37 civilians belonging to the Fulani ethnic group were killed in an attack on […]

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First It Was “Deep Fakes,” Now Researchers Are Able To Manufacture Fake Fingerprints

In 2018, we reported that the rise of “deep fakes” threatens the integrity of evidence in court itself because it undermines long-established means for “proving” people guilty or uncovering their innocence in a crime. The possibility of it being used to realize evil desires is immense and given the history of human behavior will be […]

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Tech Companies Begin Using Artificial Intelligence To “Nudge Workers Towards Happiness”

Artificial Intelligence is being developed rapidly as a substitute for humanity and human beings. It is the reason why in 2017, the robot “Sophia” was given citizenship by the government of Saudi Arabia, for if a machine can possess “nationality,” while it is not a living person it can be treated like a corporation, which […]

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US Government Signs Major Contract With Raytheon For Anti-Rocket Machine Guns

It is true that the US and any major military is constantly updating her weapons systems. However, given the current political climate, it is curious that such weapons are being produced at this time: The U.S. Army roughly awarded a roughly $205,2 million order to Raytheon Co. Missile Systems for Phalanx Gatling guns. According to […]

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