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Archaeologists Discover That Pre-Aztec Tribe Had Their Priests Skin Victims And Then Wear Their Skinned Hides As A Fertility Offering

The horrors of the Aztec treatment of men are well-documented, such as the murder of thousands of innocent people by ripping their hearts out and offering them to the sun “god”. It was not just the Aztecs who participated in these horrible and pagan rituals, but many tribes throughout Mexico. One of such tribes was […]

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Is There Another Major Scandal Under Way In The Church, This Time With Nuns Abusing Girls?

In 2004, the John Jay independent study showed conclusively that over 80% of all abuse in the Church was male-on-male homosexual in nature. These numbers have been consistently shown to be true. However, a recent development has exposed another potential scandal, which is that of women in religious orders targeting girls and abusing them through […]

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Forty Catholic Missionaries Slaughtered In 2018, Most Of Them In Africa

Africa is considered one of the current mission frontiers and it still remains highly dangerous. Last year, forty Catholic missionaries were killed around the world, with thirty-five of them in Africa according to a report: Forty Catholic missionaries were killed around the world in 2018, the Vatican’s news agency has reported, with Africa becoming the […]

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Mass Grave Discovered Of Christians Executed By Islamic Terrorists

A mass grave of Christians who were executed by Islamic terrorists has been discovered according to a report: Libyan authorities have announced that a mass grave containing the remains of 34 Christians murdered by the Islamic State in 2015 has been found. The interior ministry’s Criminal Investigation Department revealed that the bodies of 34 Ethiopian […]

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