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Major German Politician Speaks Of Creating A German “New World Order” Against American Power

By Theodore Shoebat Major German politician, Heiko Maas, recently spoke of the creation of “a new world order” that would challenge American power. In an an article that Maas wrote, entitled, Making Plans for a New World Order, it reads of a new geopolitical system “In which we form a counterweight when the US crosses the line.” Germany […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Terrorists Try To Rob Van With Family Of Seven In It, Murder Them All

Imagine you were going for a ride with your family- seven people in total- and you were attacked by a drug cartel for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You and your entire family are dragged our of your van and just put to death because of your […]

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Major Mexican Drug Cartels Are Now Being Lead By Women

In September 2018, I covered the story of a prostitute turned chief drug cartel executioner who used to behead her victims, drink their blood, and then masturbate using the headless corpses. This is a part of a trend towards more female involvement in drug cartels, for while it has always existed, many women are not […]

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Man Brings Ebola From Africa To Sweden

There are many diseases one can get, but few are as terrifying as the Ebola virus, which is fatal for most people. While mostly in Africa, a case has now been identified in Sweden, brought by a man who traveled to the nation according to a report: Medical tests have shown a patient being treated […]

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Trump Tells People That He May Bypass Congress, Declare A National Emergency So He Can Build A Border Wall

President Trump has done many surprising things during his time. In another surprise statement, he says that he may “build the wall” without getting Congressional approval according to a report: President Donald Trump said Frday he is considering declaring a national emergency to help pay for his long-desired border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The […]

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