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The Government Of Pennsylvania Rules: ‘Unborn Children Are Not Human Beings, Therefore Taking Drugs While Pregnant Is Not Child Abuse.’

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Pennsylvania has ruled that taking drugs while pregnant is not child abuse. The premise of the argument entails the insidious belief that unborn children are not human beings and therefore have no rights. As we read in one report from the Daily Item: A state lawmaker wants the Legislature […]

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Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack Police Barracks With Military Weapons And Grenade Launcher In Town That Rescue Christians Helped

In December 2018, Rescue Christians wrote about a pharmacy built with your support to help the people of Apatzingan in the state of Michoacan, which has been and continues to be ravaged by drug cartel terrorists. Two days ago, narcoterrorists launched a serious attack against police with military grade weapons, including a grenade launcher. The […]

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President Trump Now Says He Never Said That Mexico Would Pay For “The Wall” Even Thought That Is Exactly What He Said

One of President Trump’s main campaign promises was to “build the wall,” meaning a border wall with Mexico. He made it very clear this was a major condition of his campaign, and with that he said that he would make Mexico pay for the wall. Now President Trump is saying that he never said that, […]

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Atheism Grows In Turkey In Spite Of Erdogan’s Pressure For Islamization, And That Is Not A Good Thing

Erdogan may be promoting Islam all throughout Turkey,but it may not be working as successfully has he imagines, as atheism is rising in the nation according to a report: According to a recent survey by the pollster Konda, a growing number of Turks identify as atheists. Konda reports that the number of nonbelievers tripled in […]

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Naythen Aubain

American Man Takes A Knife, Murders His Grandmother And Landlord, Chops Up Their Bodies And Scatters The Pieces On The Road, Then Tells Police “I Will Chop Up Anybody Who Disrespects Jesus Christ”

A New York State man murdered his grandmother and landlord by chopping up their bodies and scattering the pieces on the street. When he was arrested, he claimed that he murdered them “in the name of the Lord,” and then proceeded to say that “I will chop up anybody who disrespects Jesus Christ” according to […]

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Muslim Man Beats, Stabs, And Leaves Random Hispanic Teenager To Die, When Arrested He Tells Police ‘I Did It Because I Wanted To Kill White People’

Ahmed Awil Abdi-Dehar was arrested in Washington State after a horrible and random attack on seventeen-year-old Mel Santiago in which he beat the teen up, stabbed him and left him to die. Abdi-Dehar told police he did the attack because he ‘wanted to kill white people’ according to a report: Police said a 32-year-old man […]

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Vonell Lugo

Sodomite Naval Officer Stabs His Male Lover To Death 47 Times In Act Of “Domestic Violence”

A homosexual Naval officer was arrested by police after he admitted to stabbing his homosexual lover 47 times in an act of “domestic violence” according to a report: A 36-year-old gay man found dead in the hallway outside his apartment door in Northwest Washington on Jan. 6 had been stabbed at least 47 times allegedly […]

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