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Church destroyed in china

God-Hating Chinese Communists Demand “Church-Free Zones” Near Schools

In the USA, many schools indicate by signs placed around them that they are “drug-free zones.” The God-hating Chinese Communists are determined to force atheism on the Chinese people, and have made a variant to this by demanding that the areas near schools are “Church-Free zones” according to a report: According to recent documents issued […]

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Erdogan And Student

Major Court Ruling In Turkey Says That Religion Classes Are Not Compulsory

Religion is a major issue in Turkey because of the rise of Islam being promoted by many in the Turkish government including President Erdogan, who has made clear his desire to revive Turkey’s Ottoman past. However, there is another trend that exists in Turkey and must be watched, which is the rise of atheism, as […]

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qatar city image

Christianity Continues To Grow In Muslim Nation Of Qatar

The Gulf nation of Qatar is tiny and a majority Muslim but has had a continual growth in Christianity, driven primarily by foreign workers. These numbers are continuing to increase in spite of resistance from Muslims according to a report: A church complex in Doha (Qatar) has become an area of Christian diversity in a […]

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Both The Right And The Left Are Following In The Example Of The Socialists Of The Past, Attempting To Alter Or Erase Historical And Current Events To Suit Their Needs

The twentieth century cannot be understood as a conflict between socialism versus “freedom,” but between two different groups of socialism fighting for power among themselves. The international socialism of the USSR that penetrated throughout Eastern Europe, South America, Central Asia, and parts of East Asia and Africa, better known as communism, openly espoused the principles […]

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The Government Of New York Now Wants To Make Infanticide As Part Of Its Constitution

By Theodore Shoebat The forces of eugenics never stop in their cause for murder, as the government of New York now wants to make infanticide — what they call abortion — as a right embedded right into the state’s constitution. As we read in a report from Democrat & Chronicle: Gov. Andrew Cuomo called Monday […]

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