Drug Cartel Cannibals Take Four Men, Castrate Them Alive, Then Saw Off Their Hands Before Murdering Them

The Koran speaks of slicing off the extremities of non-Muslims as part of executing the justice of the false deity Allah. While such is theologically prescribed by Islam, most Muslims do not follow the tenets of Islam to their prescribed conclusion, and will even oppose them because, as Sacred Scripture teaches, the law of God is written on the hearts of all men.

But while many people will rightly express concern about the Muslims and Islam, so few will pay attention to the serious violence of the drug cartels that is at the level of and even worse than that of Mohammed and his early followers. The narcocarteles, who are known for their adherence to and love of Central American paganism and pagan deities, are reviving the very practices that the Spanish missionaries and conqustadores spend many centuries stamping out. These practices include rituals involving torture, mutilation, human sacrifice and cannibalism.

One of the most notorious narcocarteles in the CJNG (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion), which is very violent and mandates that all new recruits need to commit murder and then cannibalism of the victim to be accepted. In a recent execution, CJNG members murdered those of a rival cartel, and then sawed off their hands before castrating them and mutilating their genitals:

A group of cartel assassins picked up, castrated and murdered a group of men believed to be members of a rival group.

One of the most violent cartels in Mexico has been credited with the bloody execution, alleging that the victims were rapists and kidnappers, and that the murder was part of a “clean-up”. The bloody crime scene was discovered in the municipality of Coatzacoalcos by the authorities of the Prosecutor of Veracruz in a ranch called El Cafetal.

Police sources revealed elblogdelnarco . com the discovery of four men who had been bound and castrated before being killed. Along with the bodies, members of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) of Mexico left a poster in which the murder was accredited and affirmed that the victims were kidnappers and rapists.

Mexico’s CJNG has been conducting a series of territorial push in various parts of Mexico in an attempt to take control of the key regions of fuel theft, drug trafficking or smuggling of people.

The authorities identified one of the four victims as Rey José Poblete Ramos, a man with a long criminal record. It is not clear if Poblete Ramos was currently working with a particular poster. The other three men have not been identified. I elblogdelnarco . com / obtained access to the criminal investigation into the arrest of Poblete Ramos in 2011 for the kidnapping charge.

Poblete was part of a three-man kidnapping team for Los Zetas that kidnapped a worker from Mexico’s state oil company Pemex when the victim was leaving a bar in the city of Coatzacoalcos.

Despite having confessed the crime and having been convicted of the kidnapping charge, Poblete Ramos was released again two years later for suspicious court decisions. (source)

The photos are even more gruesome (WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK):