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Baptist Church In Queens Facing Police Investigation And Massive Protests After Man Caught Raping His Daughter For SIX YEARS IN THE CHURCH After Services And The Bishop Covered It Up

It started with a video on Facebook that went viral after a woman announced that her fourteen-year-old niece, who she and her husband had been caring for, admitted to her that she was being raped inside of the Progressive Baptist Church by her father since 2013 and the bishop of the church covered up the […]

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dos equis man

New Paternity Testing Allows For Men To Expose Cheating Wives And Girlfriends, And Why The Future Of Relationships For Men May Not Be So Dismal For Them

When a man marries a woman, he assumes that the children she conceives are of his actions. Due to the actions of some women this does not always happen, and while some will murder the child in secret, others will try to assert that it is the husband’s or boyfriend’s child when it is not. […]

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How Iran Rescued Thousands Of People From The Holocaust

By Theodore Shoebat How many people know that Iran actually rescued people from the Nazi reign of terror. It is a fascinating reality of history that very few people ever discuss. There is a detailed article about this that was published by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I will post some excerpts here: In July […]

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Female Evangelical Christian Pastor In New York City Declares That Satanic Drug Lord Of Bloodthirsty Zetas Cartel El Chapo Is Helped By God And She Prays Each Day For His Release

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is one of two leaders (along with Ismael Zambada) of the infamous Zetas drug cartel in Mexico. El Chapo’s personal wealth is estimated at over $4 billion USD, with nearly all of it earned from the trafficking of drugs into the USA and associated crimes with cartel activity. Los Zetas have […]

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Brescia, reportage alla Moschea del Centro Culturale islamico

Muslim Imam Screams As He Is Being Dragged Away By Government Agents: “We Will Enter Your Homes And Kill You And Eat Your Corpses”

A Muslim Imam went into a rage has he was being dragged away by government agents on suspicions of connections to terrorism. While he was being taken away, he screamed “We will enter your homes and kill you and eat your corpses” according to a report: The man, a 31 year old Tunisian, was expelled […]

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