Muslim Imam Screams As He Is Being Dragged Away By Government Agents: “We Will Enter Your Homes And Kill You And Eat Your Corpses”

A Muslim Imam went into a rage has he was being dragged away by government agents on suspicions of connections to terrorism. While he was being taken away, he screamed “We will enter your homes and kill you and eat your corpses” according to a report:

The man, a 31 year old Tunisian, was expelled from Italy yesterday because he was suspected of being a terrorist. “Polemic and arrogant with the agents, he had become a leader in prison”

” Sooner or later you will all die, we will go into your houses and kill you and eat your corpses “.

This is what was shouted at a prison officer by Mahmoud Jebali , a 31-year-old Tunisian who was expelled from Italy yesterday. The man, having served his sentence in the Padua prison for robbery, was sent away from the country because he was suspected of being a terrorist .

” We began to keep an eye on him after he threatened an agent, ” explained one of the men of the Central Investigative Nucleo (Nic) of the Penitentiary Police in the Gazzettino . ” On his Facebook page, he also expressed appreciation for a video entitled ‘ licit slaughter of a Christian ‘”.

The 31 year old Tunisian, without a residence permit, had entered Italy irregularly from the port of Lampedusa. As the daily reports, man has numerous criminal records for violent crimes.

” He had never had a quiet attitude, he was controversial and arrogant with the agents, he had begun to intensify his religious practice so much that he became a charismatic leader for other Muslim prisoners.The Friday prayer ceremony was held in his cell and he, dressed in the typical tunic of the imam, celebrated “, they explained from Nic. The activity of man has not gone unnoticed so, after the reports of the agents, the 31 year old has been expelled . (source, source)

Cannibalism and Islam are not uncommon, and has discussed this before in her archives. It is interesting though that this person, when it was recognized that he was beginning to stir people to violence not desired by the government, he was taken away.

Terrorism is a show for the execution of public policy. While it cannot always be controlled and does get out of hand, the inherently disordered tendencies of Islam have been recognized and harnessed by governments throughout history for political reasons. It does not mean that Islam is a “political religion” or that politics precedes theology, but that it is an ideal vehicle to exploit for advancing the cause of power at all cost by those who lust for control is never satiated.

This is the real reason why Imams such as this one are taken away, but some Imams who openly advocate for violence are left to do harm in society. The former are either not government assets or not viewed as beneficial to certain political goals, while the latter either are government assets or are acting in a way that serves the interest of the government.

It’s not an accident, and the governments of the West are not “stupid” when it comes to Islam. Some of the lower level operatives and other underlings may be, but not those who are involved in the financial and logistical planning of said operations. They are acting with a purpose, because just as pawns in a game of chess, they intend to make full use of and then sacrifice them when the time is right.

It is true that the violence and evils of Islam are a serious problem. This must not be understated, and cannot be stated enough times. However, one must also look at how the different pieces of the sociopolitical puzzle fit together, as they do not work in isolation, but are part of a contiguous whole in which one piece affect the others in ways that one may not even think about. The Muslim man shouting about murdering and eating people for Allah is a problem, but one but also watch the men in suits and ties who work for the financial and industrial assets with their servants in the government who they sell their tool of war to, for they are just as happy to turn the same Muslim man against their own people if they believe it will advance their interests in a given situation.