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Major Expert On Venezuelan Politics Warns: ‘What The United States Is Doing In Venezuela Is Very Dangerous.’

By Theodore Shoebat A major expert on the politics of Venezuela, Eva Golinger, recently warned that what the United States is doing in Venezuela is very dangerous. By declaring someone president without a democratic process is making a state within a state in Venezuela, and this will only lead to polarizing and increase the prospect for […]

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The CIA Is Working For Regime Change In Venezuela

By Theodore Shoebat Although there are not reports being shown to the public about CIA agents working and conspiring in Venezuela, we know for a fact that Mike Pompeo, when he was the head of the CIA, talked about doing regime change in that country. As we read from a report from the Independent: The head […]

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The Trump Administration Is Orchestrating Regime Change In Venezuela

The Trump administration is orchestrating regime change in Venezuela, which goes contrary to the persona of being against regime change policy that Trump was projecting during his campaign. An interesting report from Common Dreams discusses this: As U.S. lawmakers, civil society leaders, and Latin America experts continue to warn against American intervention in Venezuela’s internal political affairs, the Wall […]

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Elderly Dutch Woman’s Family Holds Her Down And Allows Doctor To Forcibly Euthanize Her As She Begs To Live

The European nation of Holland has some of the highest standards of living in Europe and the world. It is also one where euthanasia is legal and many people go to her to die. Euthanasia, which was presented as “compassion” for the sick and dying, is nothing less than legalized murder to justify further forms […]

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